…a church where all are treated as equal, where gender, marital status, and age are all celebrated.

Imagine a church where race and ethnicity are embraced and diversity is the norm.

Imagine a church where those who struggle with life long sins are continually encouraged and supported and loved.

Imagine a church that opens its doors to all people and welcomes the homeless, sick, “the different”

Imagine a church where the true Gospel of mercy, grace, forgiveness and reconciliation are not just words on a page but at the very core of its ministry.

Imagine a church that  ministers to the needs of the surrounding community out of hearts filled with unconditional love.

Imagine a church that actually reflects Jesus.

Can there be such a place…can we dare to imagine such a place?

3 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. There are some well grounded Bible Believing churches out there, but they are sooo far and few between. The only *perfect* place will be Heaven though. 🙂

  2. I pray someday what you have imagined (and I join you in imagining this) will be reality. We pray God’s Kingdom come.
    Unfortunately, there are so many who believe preaching the Gospel means preaching against sin. One doesn’t yell to the drowning person the dangers of the water that is pulling them down, you give them the rescue line.
    May God’s Kingdom Come on Earth.

  3. I can see it happening in isolated, smaller fellowships of believers who don’t actually think of themselves as a “church”. Our ideas about what “Christianity” and being a follower of Jesus mean have been so tainted in the last 1,700 years that we’ve locked out the Holy Spirit from our gatherings — which means our churches are not generally places where people grow any more than people do in car or model train clubs (happier having friends, but glad to remain unchallenged).

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