Most Dangerous Liberals….


  I am in a bookstore looking for one of my favorite magazines when my eyes fall upon two publications within close proximity to each other. The name of the first is Townhall, the second is called The Nation. Here is where the interesting part, at least for me, comes in.

We have been listening over the past week about the finger-pointing of the “left” blaming the “right”” for the shooting in Arizona.  Pundits and politicians from both sides have spent hours justifying and pontificating about why they are right and the other is wrong.  We hear from Sarah Palin and her use of the word “blood libel”. Now everyone in America  knows the real meaning of the word. This brings me back to the two magazines and the use of vilifying words.

The Nation’s front page article it entitled The Progressive Honor Roll of 2010  and it highlights the 13 brightest and best individuals and organizations from the past year. People like Senator Bernie Sanders and the online activism of Progressive Change Campaign Committee. The article points to the many successes and accomplishments that make them the best in 2010.

Townhall Magazine’s (fresh, conservative and intelligent reporting) lead article is entitled The 50 Most Dangerous Liberals  and it includes George Soros, Barack and Michelle Obama, Jon Stewart, and evangelical Jim Wallis, two Supreme Court justices and a number of others.  Jim Wallis as it turns out according the this article is a pawn of the socialist left being used to infiltrate the churches. Who knew????!?!?!?!

Now I just have one question to leave you with. The next time some antisocial,  psychopath is looking for a target, what gives him/her more ammunition, The Nation or Townhall?

Words matter. They create or destroy life.

3 thoughts on “Most Dangerous Liberals….

  1. [Now I just have one question to leave you with. The next time some antisocial, psychopath is looking for a target, what gives him/her more ammunition, The Nation or Townhall?]

    Obviously, Townhall does. Writers for that magazine do nothing but spread lies, fear, and hatred, which has already resulted in murders such as the Tillman murder.

  2. Until the voting public stops being motivated by fear, unfortunately, pundits and politicians are going to play on that. Anything the right disagrees they slap the labels of socialism and communism on. Anything the left disagrees with they slap the labels of right wing, religious zealots on.
    If we ever needed to hear the voice of the Kingdom of God it is now.

  3. Hi Mark

    Isn’t there a verse about the tongue as a double edged sword, and that God has a record of every word we say, think, etc. I agree with you they can destroy lives. Or lift them up, depending on how we use our words.

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