My God WIll Be Your God

A case is coming before the Supreme Court in which a Christian owned business is seeking to use religious exemption arguments in order to not have to provide some reproductive serves to women. According to Hobby Lobby, a multimillion dollar corporation, they want  to be exempt from the mandate within the Affordable Care Act that covers employees accessing certain birth control methods.  Hobby Lobby believes … More My God WIll Be Your God

Hate As Righteousness

“I don’t hate anyone, I am just speaking truth in love.” This is what I am told by some of my fundamentalist “friends” when I suggest that individuals in the LGBT community feel hated by Christians.  May I suggest to these sincere friends that their words and the words of those that claim to speak … More Hate As Righteousness

A Woman’s Place…

“Our state is the No. 1 enemy of women” …”rights groups point to a recent spate of high-profile attacks against women to raise the alarm that” this country, “is backsliding on women’s rights.” “They say women’s progress is being undermined…and a” religious “inspired government that is increasingly embracing the conservative values…” “While the… party insists that … More A Woman’s Place…

Sex Police

Some Christians say the darndest things…. Such as in this Mitchell report on MSNBC. For those of you unaware, Foster Friess is a the millionaire businessman financially backing the ever irrelevant Rick Santorum. Friess has, with the above comment, once again made Christianity look completely out of touch with the world in which we live. Why does this continue to irritate me, … More Sex Police

Obama’s War On Religion And Those Pesky Gay Soldiers

“I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Christian.” Thus begins Rick Perry’s new Iowa political ad attacking President Obama and gay military personal. Somehow he equates the repealing of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with how terrible it is that little Billy cannot sing Away In A Manger at the elementary school winter concert. … More Obama’s War On Religion And Those Pesky Gay Soldiers


I just turned 53.     To some people that may seem old…to others it may seem young. To me it is a number. But it is a number that makes me reflect on what my purpose here on earth has been and more importantly what my purpose will be. When I turned 50, I determined to set … More Reflection