Do you know what it feels like to not to know who you are?  Do you know what it feels like to live in fear of being discovered, of being wrong, of not measuring up to standards set by society? I do. I subjected myself to the whim of everyone. Yet, I was a failure … More Lost

What We Focus On

Here are three lists… The first is what the church (the more conservative Protestant and Catholic, focuses on… The second is what I think God focuses on… The Third is where this blog is going and what I will focus on.. THE CHURCH FOCUS Abortion Supporting LGBT discrimination Supporting gun rights Supporting the death penalty … More What We Focus On

What Christians Forget

The 13-year-old pregnant girl sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend…         The 24-year-old gay man beaten into a coma after coming out of a gay bar… The 52-year-old man experiencing a horrible,  painful death at the hands of the State… The kindergarten/ first grade children shot to death by an insane teenager… The … More What Christians Forget

Per·se·cu·tion Com·plex…

 …the feeling of being persecuted especially without basis in reality (from the Merriam Webster medical dictionary) The above definition has become the quintessential explanation for  modern-day American Evangelical/fundamentalism. And many within this community buy into it without question. The latest example comes from the Town of Cheektowaga (a suburb of Buffalo, NY),  where  Joelle Silver a Christian teacher in … More Per·se·cu·tion Com·plex…