Who Is This Right Wing Christian, Republican, Tea Party God?

Interestingly, the religious far right which claims to espouse the Gospel of Christ, presents to the watching world this god!

First, he is angry! Angry at anyone who is a Democrat, progressive, liberal. And he is angry about abortion, and “the homosexual agenda”, and feminists, and MSNBC. He is angry at evolutionists and scientists, and university professors and public school teachers, and unions, and welfare  moms and taxes and  Muslims, and Buddhists, Barrack Obama (the secret muslim Kenyan) and Bibles that are not King James versions, and pants on women, and dresses on men, and make-up on either gender, piercings and tattoos   He is ANGRY.

Not only is he angry he hates all of the above.  And his followers mirror that anger and hatred with protests, and bullhorn and rallies claiming to speak for this god….telling us all who he hates, and who he loves….

He loves them, of course, and he loves Republicans and Tea Partiers, and birthers, and Fox News and Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. He loves home schoolers and the 6 day creationist and the Creation museum, and plain-looking women and manly men, televangelist and old hymns. He love segregation and people who know how to pull themselves up by their boot straps. He loves the very, very rich  and large corporations. Capitalism is his middle name, as in “Lord Capitalist Almighty”. He loves America more than any other country and he loves how Israel treats the Palestinians. he loves how his followers  treat the poor and marginalized and the gay individual. He loves how his followers despise the immigrant and people of color. He loves multi-million dollar churches and Creflo Dollar too. He loves Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and even  Michelle Bachman.

His love is unconditional, as long as you are on the “right” side.

This is the god created by the American church. This is a false god and we worship at his feet.

Then who is God? We will explore that next time.

4 thoughts on “Who Is This Right Wing Christian, Republican, Tea Party God?

  1. It is hard to step back from our preferences, our culture, our ideologies to be able to see where we have blended our culture with Christianity. It is hard to step back and ask the hard questions. What does our politics say about God? What is the message our viewpoints and practices giving to the world about what we believe about God?

  2. The real pity, I think, is when one sees God as perpetually angry and teetering on the edge of retribution, I think there must be present a considerable amount of self-loathing hiding behind the mask of righteousness. What a position to assume!

  3. There is so much in this post – so many issues, grievances, suppositions, assumptions on behalf of the entire Church. So much we could discuss and dissect…where to begin.

    If there is any principle lesson about the psychology of people that is in the very first pages of Genesis it is this: we are easily fooled. Scripture categorizes sin as the Lust of the flesh, Lust of the eyes, and the Pride of Life.

    Is it any wonder then that those whom you describe, Mark, once they think they know a few things about doctrine and theology feel empowered and even entitled to desire more (Lust of the flesh & eyes) via a twisted prosperity theology, and act superior when they see one caught in sin that they themselves don’t wrestle with? (Pride of Life).

    Eve showed us our predilection to twist our own thinking and God’s words towards our own benefit. As Solomon lamented, there is nothing new under the sun….there truly isn’t.

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