The Real God…As Seen By A Finite Man

Most of Evangelicalism has presented to the world a false god of our own making.

Memo to the world…I am sorry!

Memo to God…I am sorry!

In my brief tenure as a believer I went from embracing this false god to the following God. The God most of us miss.

The Amazing Creator of all things seen and unseen. Diverse within Himself and more complicated than we can imagine. This Creator fashioned and put in place all the good and beautiful and perfect things that we enjoy in this universe and even things that we have yet to discover that will take away our breath by their complexity and wonder. Creation mirrors His diversity but still does not contain the fullness of it.

This Creator is perfectly Holy, separate from His creation, yet  choosing to be present everywhere and at all time past, present and future at once. His righteousness, and wisdom, and understanding, and creativity no human can even attempt to copy. He moves outside of time, yet works within it.

We were created for communion with this Perfect Wisdom to enjoy all that He is, with Him and within the perfect love and unity that exists within the Oneness of the Trinity. He love is beyond compare, his mercy never fails, His grace is consuming.

But we chose another path…a path away from this Love. We said No to the only relationship that can bring wholeness.

But the Creator was not done with us.

Out of Godhead of “Three in Oneness”, He became one of us in form physically, emotionally, psychologically, and for a brief time gave us a tiny glimpse of Creator. This God is the God of Mercy for the poor, the broken, the marginalized. This God is the God of forgiveness and restoration for the sinner, the one who fails to live up to the “standard”. He is the God who heals our shattered lives, lives we have messed up so badly. He is the God of Grace…a Grace that assures us that no matter how bad we were, are, or will be, He has it covered. Covered by His own sacrifice.

Our sinfulness needed eradication, God’s wrath for our walking away needed to be appeased. Jesus appeased and satisfied that wrath and judgement. Jesus, willingly took into every cell of  Himself the white-hot wrath, and judgement of the whole world for all time. It poured out over Him like a waterfall of fire. Anguish, searing pain, and abandonment consumed the Lamb. But it was for us. And finally when the wrath of Creator had been spent, He said…

“It is finished.”

Wrath and anger satisfied. Condemnation and judgement complete. The temple curtain torn by the Hand of God…now through Jesus all have access  to this Perfect Union of Three in Oneness. Access to unconditional love, and oceans of grace, and total acceptance. We can be confident that Jesus has taken care of everything and we are free.

FREE…we did nothing to get it, we did nothing to believe it, and we can do nothing to keep it.

Everyday we receive more grace, and blessing….and a Love that does not change.

But knowing this Love will change you and me.

4 thoughts on “The Real God…As Seen By A Finite Man

  1. I’ve been studying Matthew 7–especially the part of “ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will open.” What is it doing as part of the Sermon on the Mount? after the part about judging others? And I have come to this understanding.
    1. The Jewish authorities–Pharisees and Scribes–had over burdened the people with the law. They believed that if Israel kept the law flawlessly the Messiah would come, end Roman occupation which to them equaled God’s judgment on Israel, and restore Israel. And so they were putting fences around the law to keep everyone from getting close to breaking the law. Keeping the Sabbath became a list of rules–don’t walk further than a mile, etc.
    2. The Jewish authorities were so busy determining who were sinners, who was in the Chosen/ Holy crowd they forgot to be light to the world.
    3. The Jewish authority was painting a picture of God as a Judge who waited for someone to sin so he could punish them. This God was quick to anger and preferred judgment. Who would go to this God to ask a favor?
    4. Christ is painting an opposite picture of God. God is a loving parent who wants to know his child’s day and wants and concerns and hopes. The God of Christ is slow to anger and prefers mercy to judgment. It is safe to come to this God with our littlest requests and our biggest dreams.
    Unfortunately, the picture many Christians are painting of God is the same picture the Jewish authorities were painting. Because we don’t want God to look soft. But Jesus didn’t seem to worry about God being too soft. God’s holiness was seen most in his sacrificial love.

  2. So often in my life I have failed to live up to Christ’s perfect model of man. It is because of these failures of my own that I know I have no right to judge another. Who am I to condemn anyone? But we get bruised and injured by our fellow man and stray from the path. We tend a garden of resentments and it grows into a tree of hatred and judgement. Jesus asks us to tend our gardens and water it with compassion and mercy. To root out all bitterness, envy and strife. We need a huge axe to chop away at these evil roots. May tender mercies replace judgement and condemnation.

    1. Lynn, I love your comment…I just wish more people in the church saw things as you do. I pray that you will not grow weary in continuing to extend mercy, grace, and compassion. You have a beautiful heart. Peace and grace,
      Mark Lee

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