September of Silence {D10}


10 day into my social media fast…

I have looked at Facebook several times
I have looked at Twitter several times

My justification is “at least I am not responding to posts and tweets.” I am deceiving myself. Just reading things sends my thoughts into so many directions.

But when I am more focused…

I am seeing my inconsistencies, impatience, judgements, procrastinations, fearfulness, excuses, lack of motivation…faith…trust, my words without actions, my thoughtless actions. I am seeing the man I am. I’mm starting to understand.

And I need to be honest with me…

If I do not see this man as part of me and accept him, I will never move beyond this man into who I am truly created to be.

I have reached a point in my life where facade is no longer an option for me. There is a second half of my life to live. I can exist in the shadows and die with a casket full of regret or I can move into the second half living, experiencing, and being fully engaged, being a blessing to others and true to myself.

It is what I want more than anything else.


One thought on “September of Silence {D10}

  1. Dear Mark, I hope you find your inner child, the “you” we all love and the beautiful words which you write which bring so much joy and hope to others. Believe in you and know you are a valuable individual , loved by God.
    You are one of God’s bairns and He will not leave you when you need Him most. x

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