Can We Please Get Back To The Gospel

This election cycle was one of the horrific in memory within the Evangelical church. No doubt should now remain as to why the Bible uses the metaphor of sheep when talking about followers of Jesus. So many Evangelical/Fundamentalists lost their God-given common sense in their passion to drive President Obama from office, so they followed after rumors and myths they heard preached from their pulpits. Scare tactics, misinformation, and outright lies abounded. Here are a few I heard.

“If the President is re-elected he will end religious freedom in America,
if Obama is re-elected he will turn America into a socialist country,
President Obama is a secret Muslim, or not born in America.”

These are just a few, but evangelicals /fundamentalists had been at the forefront in perpetuating these lies, and they had no problem doing it. During this same time they railed against marriage equality, and abortion as abominations against God. But here is the problem. Either they had forgotten, or had chosen to ignore that according to the Bible they claim to follow, false witness and a lying tongue are an abomination in the sight of God. Even our local Christian radio station WDCX, several times a week, broadcast these lies, and even allowed someone on a call in show to allude that the President may be the anti-christ. Hypocrisy was the mark of the Christian this election season.

And we all should be ashamed.
And we should repent.
And we should tell the American public we are sorry for showing them a gun-toting, flag waving, white jesus that hates Muslims, women, the poor, and people in the LGBT community.

We should do this…but we won’t.

Even with the election over there are those that continue to stoke of fire of fear among the faithful, except now they are saying that God is going to judge America for re-electing the President. One example will suffice.

Franklin Graham believes that the re-election of the President will move the country “further along the path of destruction” and that God may bring an economic collapse in order to bring the country back to God.


let me offer a suggestion as to what might bring people to God.

First, lets stop making the elimination of abortion and bashing gay people part of the Gospel message.

Secondly, lets stop identifying God and Jesus with the Republican or, for that matter, any political party.

Thirdly, lets stop sitting on our sanctified asses and actually get out into the world and make a difference in people’s lives. Not by just delivering a turkey to a poor shut-in on Thanksgiving Day, but encouraging the churches we attend to “adopt” a needy family for a year and minister to their needs, whatever their needs may be without expecting anything in return.

Finally, stop identifying people by their sin, See them as a unique person created in the image of God and just reach out and love them without strings, and without condition.

It is what Jesus did for us, and it is what we are called to do. it is the Gospel.

10 thoughts on “Can We Please Get Back To The Gospel

  1. Excellent post. I love that it is less rant and more call to action, both repentance and caring directly as a congregation for the poor which I believe is God’s plan for taking care of the issues of poverty.

    I’m disappointed with Franklin Graham’s assertion about God’s judgment. The prophets, apostles, and Jesus are quite clear – God’s people stand in danger of God’s earthly judgment because of two thing: 1. their evil ways, 2. failure to demonstrate God’s Lordship by failing to do justly, to love extending mercy, and to walk humbly with him. As for the evil ones and for earthly nations, they will be and are being judged for their wickedness and rejection of Christ’s Lordship.

    These divine messages we need to speak individually into our spheres of influence, ask our pastors to preach, and broadcast to the nations. But politics is more popular and insulates us from the kinds of reactions a true prophetic voice brings.

  2. Absolutely right on. I found the “Kenyan-born Muslim Socialist” line being peddled on radio, in hand-outs, on flyers, on TV, everywhere this season. The barrage of lies was non-stop, and the fact that a lot of it came from pulpits and pastors was enough to turn a whole lot of “progressive” Christians away from the church, perhaps forever. Things have got to change.

    1. People who believe the hype presented by evangelical Christians have forgotten or didn’t really know the real Jesus.

      1. Sadly this type of Evangelicalism is the only thing most people see. Thanks for reading.

    2. It is so pervasive, that it is going to take a long time to turn this all around. Thanks for commenting.
      Mark Lee

  3. O, Brother Franklin, it’s going to be much worse than you imagined. I think you are on your knees, praying for great harm to befall America. But what is about to unfold, is your ultimate nightmare. President Obama will be a great and wise leader. Americans will see that helping their fellow citizen is the good thing to do. Uncontrolled greed will ease. We will treat our natural resources with respect. We will learn from our mistakes. It will be a new day. I don’t think this will please YOU, but I think it will make Billy smile.

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