Conditionally, Unconditional

It never fails. I quote a passage of Scripture on Facebook about loving others and someone is always quick to remind me that I shouldn’t take this “love and grace” thing too far. Here is an example.

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. (1 John 4:8)

I suggested that we are called to love everyone regardless of their religious or political affiliation,  their sexual orientation, or what sins they had committed.  Someone responded back to my post that while, yes we are to love people as God loved the world, we are not to condone sin.

Can someone please tell me what is it with Christians and their fear of unconditional love? Why does unconditional love always come with a condition?

Here is another passage of Scripture that I was just reminded of just the other day as I was thinking through these questions.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Rom.5:8)

So apparently none of our televangelists ever let God in on the “right way” to love people?

Here we were,sinners wallowing around in our filth. Dirty rag covered indigents. Missing the mark of God’s holy and righteous standard by miles and rather than feeling bad about it, we did it more and help others learn how to do it more. We weren’t seeking God, but rather, passionately pursuing our own idols, ignorant of our condition of brokenness and need for healing and wholeness.

But then God steps in and through Jesus shows us how much He loves us.

What is amazing about this is that there were no conditions to keep, meet, or strive to maintain. God asked nothing from us!

What is even more amazing is that as Jesus hung on that bloodstained cross. he looks out at the crowd, and into the future and says, “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.” In His last dying breath He absolved His murderers, He absolves us.

And His love for us was so intense that He chose to die even for those sins, He knew we would still willingly commit every day.

Now that is unconditional love.

That is the love we, as the church are to show all people. It is what is missing from our teaching, our preaching, our mission.

It is not our calling to make people moral, It is our calling, to love everyone with unconditional love. Just as God modeled for us in Jesus.

It is time we begin to model what Jesus modeled for us. Only then will we have an impact in our homes, neighborhood, schools, and workplace.


5 thoughts on “Conditionally, Unconditional

  1. Well said. Time this was heard rather than the hypocrisy of the anti brigade – instead we will probably end up with a new Archbishop who is anti, anti-gay – who will be seen to speak for us

  2. Well said. I often wonder if we are afraid of showing this unconditional love because we don’t truly believe we are loved unconditionally.

  3. At church yesterday, I noted that God has no standards, and it drives us crazy. We keep trying to impose our standards on God – of behavior, belief, thought, etc. – but God loves us. Period. I think we all want to be loved “the best,” and we can’t believe that God’s love is unlimited – that He really can love each and every one of us totally, unconditionally, without it taking away from his love for me… and you… and….

  4. Mark – Like your writing – it makes me sad too – who are we to judge if someone has “sinned” or not?
    The word sin is one I hate .
    I think that Jesus loved us so much, that nothing, not even death (which, for many is the worst thing that could happen to them) would stop Him loving us.
    If someone asked Jesus how much do you actually love each individual – He would probably hold out His arms in a cross-shaped manner and quietly say – “This, is how much I love you”
    Thanks for your musings again
    Take care (and you sound cheerier!)

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