Many of us want our lives to remain static. We want our family to remain static. And we want our churches and nation to remain static. But that is not how life happens. Our children grow up, our friends move away. We lose jobs, find new jobs, passion fades into passivity, interests evolve, faith evolves, … More Transitions

My Journal

Sadness, anger, doubt, loneliness, frustration, determination, failure, more failure, fear (much fear), pepper most of my entries. I have to admit I was somewhat taken aback at the depth of sadness weaving its way through some of my entries. … More My Journal

Hard Choices.

As I have traveled this faith journey, I have made some discoveries about myself. Among them has been the realization that I have made choices that have not always been in my best interest, and I have made other choices to protect my fragile heart and ego. I have made choices that have manipulated others … More Hard Choices.