The Ascension of Animus


hateIt had been festering for years, beneath the surface, mostly out of sight. But on occasion it would leak out, words of vitriol here,  beatings there, and once in a while, a death. But 1960’s thro
ugh the 1980’s  seemed to explode with the scythe of death raking in the dead across the country. Then a reversal of sorts. Some Americans began to see each other as equal and there was a push in this country to include every American into the phrase “All men (and women) are created equal.” Headway was happening, and even though things had not reach its zenith, attitudes in America were changing for the better. And those that worked against the equity, equality, and the humanity of all were pushed to the edges.

But the festering continued, and a large swath of the church began to join these make-believe martyrs making the claim that their rights had been trampled upon. And they
prayed for a messiah, and they voted in hope. Yet, the promises of those they trusted fell short time after time.

But then… Donald Trump.

Here is a “man” who will finally vindicate them. Here is a “man” who isn’t afraid to “say it like it is”. Here is a “man” who is willing to throw political correctness in the trash heap of lies. Here is a “man” who elevates racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia to a level of respectability. “See”, they shout, “we have been right all along.  The Donald says so.”

Mr. Trump encourages violence, stokes hatred, he endorses evil, and here is the most incomprehensible part, thousands of people in thousands of churches embrace his ideology, because he promises power to the church.

This is the most grievous thing to me. That anyone who claims to follow Jesus would actually want to see this “man” ascend to the highest office in America. I am ashamed to call myself a Christian. He has damaged the gospel just as much, if not more than then all the prosperity charlatans combined.

It is a truly frightening sight to see and what is even more frightening is that he has turned back time and whether or not he gets the nomination of the Republican Party and whether or not he becomes President, he has made it ok here in America to hate openly again. He has created something evil that he will walk away from, and then protect himself by shutting himself up in his Manhattan penthouse.

And we all will have to deal with the consequences of his words.


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