The Burden Of…

Recently it was brought to my attention that there is a “support group” the Buffalo NY IMG_1404area that is geared toward helping family and friends deal with “The Burden of ….” this particular issue. I find it fascinating that a religiously sponsored group can use the word “burden” to describe another group of people. I also find it appalling since I have never read Jesus call another person a “burden”. 

Let me ask you a question. When you say someone or something is a burden, what are you implying about that person or thing? And more importantly, how do you suppose that person feels to be called such a word. Words have the power to create life or destroy it.

Here is a statistic that may help you clarify why words can kill. It has been estimated that 1,488 of these young“burdens” commit suicide every year. Sit with that number for a moment. Here is another statistic, 320,000 to 400,000 of these burdens are currently homeless, either because of being kicked out of their homes or by running away from the rejection and hate.

The most horrifying thing about this is that the church, which is suppose to be a vessel of the love and grace of God, actually has been at the forefront in the destruction of so many lives.

Of course we will deny it. But I could give you names of people and churches that have spoken vile, hateful words toward these “burdens” and amazing say that they are speaking out of love. We are truly deceiving ourselves.

We are at a critical crossroads as the Body of Christ. Are we going to plant seeds of hate or seeds of love and grace. The former is destroying the message of the Gospel, the latter creates hope in the Gospel.IMG_1404

Choose this day whom you will serve…the father of hate or the God who is love.






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