the 49th day

i have realized that some of what i am questioning and sharing could lead to my being asked to resign for my position of elder in my church. i thought about that today. At first i thought that maybe i need to pull back and not be so vocal. Maybe couch my words in a soothing … More the 49th day

48th day

Sometimes people will ask my why am i so angry with, or why do i hate church?  The simple answer is that i do not “hate” church, or pastors, or Christians (i am one)! The thing i hate, the thing that makes me angry and frustrated and upset is what some in the church pass off to the … More 48th day

Day 12 of A Journey

So I ended my last blog with a cryptic and earthy thought. Tonight I will expand without the use of profanity! We left our church of 21 years and ventured into new territory. Leaving behind the Baptist way of life and entering the Presbyterian world of catechisms, creeds, and….rules. Not that rules didn’t exist in the Baptist church, … More Day 12 of A Journey

A Journey Day 4

If you recall yesterday, I ended with the admission of wearing the best Christian mask ever…no one knew (or at least I thought no one knew) of the pain, struggle, and utter failure I was feeling inside. I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t stand to be rejected by the people of God. I needed to … More A Journey Day 4

A Journey

  I haven’t been here in quite a while……I have some reasons. None, of course are really valid or profound. But in my absence I have come up with an idea, a thought that I  hope would help other people such as myself, who struggle with their Christian life.  When I say struggle I mean, really struggle. Here is … More A Journey

God…Are You There?

Did you ever think that way? Do you have questions as a Christian  you are afraid to ask because of what other Christians might think of you?  Does it make you a bad Christian to question? Recently, I was having this very conversation with a very good friend of mine. It appeared to us that there … More God…Are You There?