Day 137…Jesus visits the church

The air was thick and hot, even though it was only 10:00 AM. The parking lot of First Church of the Paraclete was filled with Lexus and BMW, the light of the sun sparkling off the chrome and glass.  Church today packed to capacity with believers, doubters, unbelievers and the uber-religious. The praise team just finished singing through “Let the River Flow” … More Day 137…Jesus visits the church


 i have heard over and over that as a christian we need to have a balance in how we see and live out our faith.  this is particularly true when it comes to talking about the grace of God. if balance is the message of christianity, then there is nothing unique about the gospel, all religions say that there is … More THE BALANCE? DAY 130

day 118

It has taken me a few attempts to try to figure out how to say what i want to say here. i am not sure whether or not it will be understood and i am just trying to be sensitive (ok…not really), but i have had a time organizing my thoughts on this topic. i mentioned in my last post … More day 118

day 65…

The more  i think about “church” the more detached i feel. i guess that is not a good thing. but there exists such a dichotomy that i do not know if there ever can be an integration. these are the issues for the average american evangelical church… rabid patriotism, abortion, prayer/bible reading in school, homosexual agenda in general, gay marriage … More day 65…