This post is going to be a bit more personal in nature, so if you are not into reading the public writing of  introspection… It was just about a month ago I sat at the desk in my office and heard the words that caused me to go numb with dread, “we are letting you go.” … More Questions…

Hating (Others) Sin

Over the last few days I have been thinking about sin… …and I have been sinning. If any of you have been reading my blog, even on a semi-regular basis you will know that I consider myself a “sinner” with no claim to any righteousness or holiness ouside of Jesus. So even when I post something … More Hating (Others) Sin

Loving Sin….

I realized something again today…many times I love my sin.   What bothers me is that I’m not supposed to love my sin, after all I have been a Christian for a long time. Shouldn’t I hate sin and rail against it. Aren’t I suppose to flee from evil, just like Joseph ran away naked from Potiphar’s  wife?  … More Loving Sin….

The Ultimatum….

There has been a lot of controversy as of late concerning a particular pastor/writer and his view of hell and the fate of humanity. He has been vilified, and dismissed by many from the “big league” Evangelicals to the “wanna be” blogger types hoping their condemnations of Rob Bell will catapult them to the big time. Many of them … More The Ultimatum….

I Cannot Keep Silent!

I have held off for a while….apparently my words were making some people, umm, uncomfortable. But I can no longer just  sit here and not say anything concerning the evangelical romp through the moral, ethical, and political swamp. I have said it before and I will say it again, the Evangelical church in America has lost its … More I Cannot Keep Silent!

The Gospel…Part 2

i concluded my last post with the thought that when i finally began to understand the Gospel i was changed. the gospel does that,  it changes you. this Gospel is what some of the church has lost. but it is the key to true freedom. having come to the place of spiritual meltdown, a friend pursued me … More The Gospel…Part 2