It’s Not Our Fault!

A little after 4:00 AM Thursday morning Benjamin Curell hacked his way into the local Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, Indiana. He caused thousands of dollars in damage by smashing windows and chopping up computers and other items with an ax and throwing red paint on walls and doors. When arrested in the lobby of the building he … More It’s Not Our Fault!


Why do we hide? I find it extremely interesting that the people that seem the most honest with themselves and with others are those who are in, or have been in a drug/recovery program. One of my favorites is author Augusten Burroughs. His story “Running With Scissors” and “Dry” along with all his other memoirs take a … More Hiding

My Father…

My father passed on yesterday after more than a ten-year battle with Parkinson disease.  He was an industrious man, always building, fixing, or creating something, but Parkinson’s  took away his ability to use his hands, and eventually his ability to move freely. He was always independent and proud, but his illness robbed him of both … More My Father…

Truth About The Truth

Questions…     Why does it seem that EVERY TIME I write concerning unconditional love or God’s grace here or on other social media, or even have a conversation about it, someone invariably tells me that people need to hear the “truth”. And that by teaching grace and unconditional love in Jesus alone, I am encouraging/facilitating  sin or … More Truth About The Truth