Sarah Palin hymn and who’s yer dadd..(I mean brother and sister)and more!

Ok…we as Christians (read evangelical or fundamental Christians) continue to do considerable damage to the Gospel of Christ. Whether it be our “Things go better with Christ”  Coca Cola  logo tea shirt ripoff,  Fred Phelps and his band of crazy “God hates the world and so do we” protestors, or even Benny Hinn charging admission to his “miracle” … More Sarah Palin hymn and who’s yer dadd..(I mean brother and sister)and more!


         …a church where all are treated as equal, where gender, marital status, and age are all celebrated. Imagine a church where race and ethnicity are embraced and diversity is the norm. Imagine a church where those who struggle with life long sins are continually encouraged and supported and loved. Imagine a church that … More Imagine…

Who Is An Anti-Christ

Moments ago I read that Fred Phelps and his “church” are planning to picket the funerals of  those killed in  last Saturday’s massacre in Tucson AZ. Included in these pickets is the funeral for Christina Greene, the little 9-year-old girl who was murdered. I want to make something abundantly clear in this post. Fred Phelps … More Who Is An Anti-Christ


“Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God.” Jesus I am not going to rehash the tragic events from the past weekend other than to say please pray for Gabrielle Giffords and all the others, for their healing and for their families. I am going to talk about hateful words and … More Peacemakers???


It didn’t take long in the new year for someone to frustrate me with their toxic mix of religion and politics.  Case in point.  At yesterday’s “Constitutional Reading” during the swearing-in ceremonies, a “birther” (someone who doesn’t believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States, yells out “Except Obama, except Obama!” as Article 2 section 1 … More “…HELP US JESUS!”

I Cannot Keep Silent!

I have held off for a while….apparently my words were making some people, umm, uncomfortable. But I can no longer just  sit here and not say anything concerning the evangelical romp through the moral, ethical, and political swamp. I have said it before and I will say it again, the Evangelical church in America has lost its … More I Cannot Keep Silent!

The Gospel…Part 2

i concluded my last post with the thought that when i finally began to understand the Gospel i was changed. the gospel does that,  it changes you. this Gospel is what some of the church has lost. but it is the key to true freedom. having come to the place of spiritual meltdown, a friend pursued me … More The Gospel…Part 2

The Gospel….part 1

when you hear the word  Gospel what do you think? most people would say, “well, it means the “good news” from God.” others will say it stands for the means of salvation for all who believe it.  now i may shock you here but those comments aren’t wrong BUT there is so much more to it than … More The Gospel….part 1