Love vs. Doctrine

I admit that I am passionate about non-believers seeing what the unconditional love of God can look like. I am also passionate for believers in the church to understand the unconditional love of God so well that it sets them free from the legalism that is so prevalent in the american church today. Because I hold those two views … More Love vs. Doctrine

Brood of Vipers

I am still concerned.  Last week I mentioned a blog post written by Bryan Fischer over at the American Family Association’s affiliate Rightly Concerned. He has posted a response as to why his original post on Native Americans was taken down. Apparently it received so much vitriol that he didn’t want it to effect the mission of AFA. He … More Brood of Vipers

Savages In The Land

This week I just happened to take a look at The American Family Association (AFA) website. I don’t usually  spend too much time there since this “christian” organization tends to spend most of its time condemning the non-believer and scaring uninformed believers concerning the doom and destruction looming large before the family because of such things as Home … More Savages In The Land


I have, as stated in past posts, been around the Evangelical sub-culture for the past 28 years. I have participated in a multitude of Christian “outreach” programs. Protesting abortion clinics, writing in a college paper against pre-marital sex,picketing  movies (The Last Temptation of Christ), doing door to door evangelism (memorizing a script via Evangelism Explosion), pontificating from my … More Apology…