The Ultimatum….

There has been a lot of controversy as of late concerning a particular pastor/writer and his view of hell and the fate of humanity. He has been vilified, and dismissed by many from the “big league” Evangelicals to the “wanna be” blogger types hoping their condemnations of Rob Bell will catapult them to the big time. Many of them … More The Ultimatum….

Love vs. Doctrine

I admit that I am passionate about non-believers seeing what the unconditional love of God can look like. I am also passionate for believers in the church to understand the unconditional love of God so well that it sets them free from the legalism that is so prevalent in the american church today. Because I hold those two views … More Love vs. Doctrine

I Cannot Keep Silent!

I have held off for a while….apparently my words were making some people, umm, uncomfortable. But I can no longer just  sit here and not say anything concerning the evangelical romp through the moral, ethical, and political swamp. I have said it before and I will say it again, the Evangelical church in America has lost its … More I Cannot Keep Silent!

The Gospel…Part 2

i concluded my last post with the thought that when i finally began to understand the Gospel i was changed. the gospel does that,  it changes you. this Gospel is what some of the church has lost. but it is the key to true freedom. having come to the place of spiritual meltdown, a friend pursued me … More The Gospel…Part 2

The Gospel….part 1

when you hear the word  Gospel what do you think? most people would say, “well, it means the “good news” from God.” others will say it stands for the means of salvation for all who believe it.  now i may shock you here but those comments aren’t wrong BUT there is so much more to it than … More The Gospel….part 1