God is silent. My few and futile prayers blown  away by cold, winter wind. Never reaching the gilded throne room of my Creator. Do I know that He is there? Of course…most of the time. Have I abandoned by faith? No….but I admit that there is only a little of it. Almost eleven months ago I lost my … More Silent

Losing Focus…

There are times when I post personal quandaries. This is one of them because I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment. This week my father entered to hospital with end stage Parkinson, pneumonia, congestive heart failure. He has very little time. We  were never close, I guess partly my fault, partly his. I don’t remember when … More Losing Focus…

The Mythical “War On Religion”

A couple of weekends ago, thousands of people assembled in over 130 cities around the country to picket for freedom of religion. Those faithful followers of the more conservative Catholic, and Evangelical strands see religion, particularly, their brand of religion under attack. And according to many of them, the great socialist, satan, Barack Hussein Obama  is behind … More The Mythical “War On Religion”

Hating (Others) Sin

Over the last few days I have been thinking about sin… …and I have been sinning. If any of you have been reading my blog, even on a semi-regular basis you will know that I consider myself a “sinner” with no claim to any righteousness or holiness ouside of Jesus. So even when I post something … More Hating (Others) Sin

The Gospels’ Saboteur

We are in a war! But this conflict not the war that you think. It is not the familiar culture war over abortion rights, gay rights, evolution/creation and whether or not granny can pack some heat to the Sunday morning church meeting. This war is insidious in that people who are supposed to be “on the same side” are actually doing the … More The Gospels’ Saboteur