Who Is Killing Christianity in America

American Christians have been, since President Obama has been in office, ramping up the idea that Christian persecution is on the rise in the USA. To buttress this idea, several events have been pointed to in order to make this claim. The Affordable Care Act “forcing” businesses to pay for contraception and abortion, against said businesses … More Who Is Killing Christianity in America

Christ Follower…

So it took less than a day for some Christians to begin to point the finger at the “other”, blaming them for the Boston Marathon bombing. Here is one by “Christ Follower” , “Outspoken Conservative”(like Jesus, I guess), and very proud that she is blocked by several public figures (I can only imagine it has … More Christ Follower…

Litmus Test….

Over the years we have seen a number of cultural/political/religious issues attached to the Gospel message to help us identify someone as in or out of the christian club. These issues pit person against person, church against church. Bothers and sisters in Christ minimizing and demonizing  those that do not agree or believe exactly the … More Litmus Test….

Sarah Palin hymn and who’s yer dadd..(I mean brother and sister)and more!

Ok…we as Christians (read evangelical or fundamental Christians) continue to do considerable damage to the Gospel of Christ. Whether it be our “Things go better with Christ”  Coca Cola  logo tea shirt ripoff,  Fred Phelps and his band of crazy “God hates the world and so do we” protestors, or even Benny Hinn charging admission to his “miracle” … More Sarah Palin hymn and who’s yer dadd..(I mean brother and sister)and more!