My God WIll Be Your God

A case is coming before the Supreme Court in which a Christian owned business is seeking to use religious exemption arguments in order to not have to provide some reproductive serves to women. According to Hobby Lobby, a multimillion dollar corporation, they want  to be exempt from the mandate within the Affordable Care Act that covers employees accessing certain birth control methods.  Hobby Lobby believes … More My God WIll Be Your God

Cheap Grace

Cheap grace… took care of our past sins at the cross, is available for people who try harder, is useful for those who give up “besetting sin”, covers church attenders, “venial sinners”, and conservative denominations, generally is not available for: drug users who keep drugging drinkers who keep drinking adulterers that keep adulterating or any … More Cheap Grace

It’s Not Our Fault!

A little after 4:00 AM Thursday morning Benjamin Curell hacked his way into the local Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, Indiana. He caused thousands of dollars in damage by smashing windows and chopping up computers and other items with an ax and throwing red paint on walls and doors. When arrested in the lobby of the building he … More It’s Not Our Fault!


Why do we hide? I find it extremely interesting that the people that seem the most honest with themselves and with others are those who are in, or have been in a drug/recovery program. One of my favorites is author Augusten Burroughs. His story “Running With Scissors” and “Dry” along with all his other memoirs take a … More Hiding

Getting It Wrong.

When I first became a Christian I thought that I knew it all.  The Bible was without contradiction and the church I attended was the closest thing to the first century church and the most important thing, in fact that only thing that mattered, was that I saved souls and not to worry about things like … More Getting It Wrong.

Per·se·cu·tion Com·plex…

 …the feeling of being persecuted especially without basis in reality (from the Merriam Webster medical dictionary) The above definition has become the quintessential explanation for  modern-day American Evangelical/fundamentalism. And many within this community buy into it without question. The latest example comes from the Town of Cheektowaga (a suburb of Buffalo, NY),  where  Joelle Silver a Christian teacher in … More Per·se·cu·tion Com·plex…