Who Is Killing Christianity in America

American Christians have been, since President Obama has been in office, ramping up the idea that Christian persecution is on the rise in the USA. To buttress this idea, several events have been pointed to in order to make this claim.

The Affordable Care Act “forcing” businesses to pay for contraception and abortion, against said businesses deeply held religious beliefs (even though the Federal government created exemptions).
Businesses being “forced” to go against their deeply held religious beliefs that homosexuals are dirty perverts and should not be served in their establishments (even if what they want to do is illegal).
Government workers, against their deeply held religious beliefs being “forced” to perform their duties as government workers by issuing marriage licenses to people in the LGBT community (again it is illegal to discriminate)
And one more, retail stores, and restaurants “war in Christmas” by saying Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas, including but not limited to the new blasphemous red Starbucks cup.

All over America some Christians see demons, and conspiracies behind every rock working overtime to take away Jesus from their latte. But here’s the thing, there is no war on Christianity in America. There is no nefarious Gay Agenda seeking to close your church. There is no Muslim terrorist cell in Dearborn, Michigan working overtime to impose Sharia Law and behead your precious children. There is no government plan to take away your beloved guns, because as we all know,  guns and Jesus go together. There is no Atheist plot to purge Christianity from the face of the “good ol’ USA.”

Do you want to know the biggest danger to the Gospel of Grace and Mercy? The church, specifically many of the fundamentalist and Evangelical Churches. Why? Because of the hatred and vitriol, condemnation, and hypocrisy, and the churches “lifting her skirt” to a political party.

I am tired of hearing “Christians” rant about the very people we are called to love.
I am tired of hearing about the natural disasters God is causing because of whom a person loves.
I am tired of “Christians” acting like a**holes when it comes to things that are pointless (think red cups here.)
I am tired of fellow “Christians” living in a fantasy world of being persecuted for Jesus, when across the globe real persecution puts people at risk every day.

Strong words? When you consider what is happening in many countries, with millions of people of every faith being displaced, arrested, and murdered. People born, raised, and then dying in refugee camps. The real persecution of people of faith, women, and the LGBT community and then to have obscenely rich pastors and their flocks screaming about how they are suffering for Jesus because no one at Macy’s wished them Merry Christmas, or the barista served them their Skinny Caramel Macchiato  in a red cup, or the gay couple down the street now has the right to marry, you have to really wonder who is killing Christianity in this country.

We need to get back to the basic of our faith, and that is to love unconditionally. Just like God has loved us.

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