Ignorance Is Not A Spiritual Gift

truthThe lament rises from church platforms and pews all over America, “Why do they hate us so much? All we are doing is loving them by telling them the truth!”

Stop for a moment! Let me ask you a question. Have you ever gotten mad at someone for telling you the truth?

The latest brouhaha comes from Christian blogger Matt Walsh because he entitles a blog post ” Robin Williams Didn’t Die From A Disease, He Died From His Choice”

Stop for another moment. If you had just lost a family member, or a close friend to suicide and you read that how would you feel? And be honest.

Christians in many corners of America think it is OK to trample over the emotions, feeling, thoughts, and lives of others because in our ignorance we have come to believe that it is  more important to tell them our interpretation of truth rather than have compassion, mercy, and love.

So we stand outside abortion clinics and tell women not to murder their babies.
We protest Gay Pride celebrations and hold up signs calling real, live human beings abominations because of their sexual orientation.
Well known Bible teachers tell parents to shun their own children if they come out to them as LGBT.
We support discrimination/ laws that seek to limit the rights of others in America.
We stand against bullying laws,
We rail against any gun legislation/or death penalty elimination,
We present false witness against government officials we don’t really know because a cable news network tells us so, regardless of whether or not it is true.
We wound, hurt and damage people because we either don’t know or don’t care how people feel after we eviscerate them with our words of “truth in love”

All under the banner of “speaking the truth in love”. And then, wonder of wonders we cry persecution because of how people react to our ” loving them”.

When did we decide that God has made us (and I am borrowing from Mr. Walsh himself) Professional sayers of truth?

Have we become so ignorant that we cannot see the damage we are doing the beautiful, liberating Gospel of God’s Grace in Jesus? Have we become so ignorant that we cannot see how we, ourselves stand between the God of unconditional love and those in desperate need of it? Are we so ignorant not tho know that the god we present to the world and the True God are polar opposites.

It’s time we stop being ignorant….it is not a spiritual gift.




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