What Christians Forget

The 13-year-old pregnant girl sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend…        abandoned church

The 24-year-old gay man beaten into a coma after coming out of a gay bar…

The 52-year-old man experiencing a horrible,  painful death at the hands of the State…

The kindergarten/ first grade children shot to death by an insane teenager…

The Palestinian children having limbs blown off by an Israeli rocket…

The fearful children fleeing violence in their countries being accosted by god and guns Christian “patriots” as they are taken for medical care…

The single mother dependent on food stamps and Medicaid to supplement her full-time minimum wage income from Wal-Mart….

The 18 year girl working at Hobby Lobby that lost insurance coverage for birth control now seeking an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy…

The thousands of dead Iraqi’s due to Christian America’s blood lust for war…

These (and so many more) are the PEOPLE we “Christians”  tend forget when we get riled up about the cultural/social issues of our day.  Our words wound, our words cheapen, our words disregard, our words demean, and our words cause death.

Our words, and our action reflect not the love of Jesus, but the biases, and proclivities of our own hatred, and judgement.

God have mercy on Your American Church.

Help us get our house in order.





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