I Do Not Hate The Homos

The other day I was perusing through Yahoo News and came across an article discussing our Vice President’s speech  concerning the rights of LGBT people and how imperative it was for America to be at the forefront of protecting individuals in the gay community around the world.  I felt that what he had to say was correct and wise, since there have been numerous reports from here and particularly around the world where people in the LGBT community suffer great hardship.  And it is right for a country that enshrines equality to be a leader in seeking humane treatment for everyone.

It was the comments that followed that made me realize that we as a nation have a lot more work to do here at home in educating our own citizenry when it comes to the gay community.  Many of the comments attacked the Vice President for “pushing an agenda” and several had “godspeak” in them, that is, people claiming to know what God thinks about homosexuality, and backing up their own  preferences with out-of-context passages of Scripture.

It is these particular comments that push me to the edge. Having been an Evangelical for almost 35 years, I have come to realize that “speaking the truth in love” is not loving at all and to those outside the cocoon of American Fundamentalism it sounds like hate…

…and it is.

I have pasted here one of the more egregious comments. take a moment to read it and tell me where you find Jesus.

gay“I am openly a heterosexual and proud of it. I believe marriage should be between a man and a women, It has always been a sacred sacrament in the Bible. Amen.

The Gay serenity prayer.
Dear God in heaven, Please forgive the people who support Gays and gay marriage. Amen. It is a perverted sickness only cured by Jesus.
JESUS said homosexuality is an abomination. Jude 1:7. there is hope for homosexuals, for everybody .
Child molesters, pedophiles, bestiality, gays. they are all in and belong to the same perverted crowd. If farmer brown loves his sheep , why cant they marry, if a 60 year old man and a 14 year old girl love each other why can’t they get married, if two men want to marry, so be it, constitution doesn’t say they can’t. Thomas Jefferson and the wise God fearing men who wrote the constitution thought people would have a little common sense and decency when they intrepid what it means, I guess not.
Any Christian who believes in same sex marriage is not a Christian, it is true we should love and try to forgive all mankind, Gay perverts are an abomination of God, as written in the Bible. I am an American and that is my opinion. When I see two men kissing it makes me sick to my stomach and want to throw up. Does this mean I am abnormal, do I need Psychiatric help, maybe the new generation will see it fit to put me in an asylum. I am not a gay hater, it just makes me sick to my stomach.
The homosexual community are bigoted haters of those people practicing moral behaviors! I do not hate homos, I will pray for them. Amen”

Let me for a moment pick apart some of this commentators loving words.
First he claims Jesus said homosexuality is an abomination (but Jesus didn’t say anything about it at all.)
He says people in the LGBT community have a perverted sickness.
He says the they are the same as child molesters and pedophiles (these are the same),and bestiality.
He calls them perverts again.
He states that any Christian who supports marriage equality is not a Christian.
He states gay perverts are an abomination to God.
He gets sick to his stomach to see to men kissing and he wants to throw up.
He then states that he is not a gay hater but they make him sick to his stomach.
He finally calls people in the LGBT community bigoted haters

And then he tries to make sure we know one more thing about him….

“I do not hate homos.”

Now how can anyone write what he writes and then claim to love gay people. Yet he is not alone in his “non-hatred” of the homos. There are thousands upon thousands of Christians here and around the world that believe bullying, rejecting, denying civil, human rights, beating, torturing, jailing, and killing people in the LGBT community is not just right, in the the eyes of the god made in their image, but actually loving.

They feel it is righteous and loving to deny marriage equality, to fire someone from a job,  to deny serves to a gay couple, to kick a family of a gay teen out of church, to beat up a gay man, to stone, whip, burn, rape, a gay person,  to sentence an LGBT person to death.

But it is not loving, it it ludicrous, it is vile, it is evil….

It is hatred.

So if you, as a believer feel it is right to do any of the above to another human being please don’t say you love gay people, just be honest and say what you really feel in your heart.


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