It’s About More Than An Anus

robertsonI have tried…really I have… to stay away from the whole Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) controversy, but I feel that there is an important point being missed in the shrill rebukes of the Conservative and Fundamentalist right. But  I will not belabor what hundreds if not thousands of bloggers, journalists, and cable news commentators have been talking about the last week.

Instead I want to us to consider what most Christians are missing in their rabid support of a man (claiming to be a believer), who feels justified in his crass verbal degradation of particular a segment of  our society. If his comments are representative of the love of God, and I was a non-believer, I would want to have nothing to do with his god.

For a long time LGBT people have had to hear they THEY are an abomination, that THEY are vile, that THEY are disgusting, perverts, and that THEY are hated by God and bound for hell. LGBT people have been rejected by family, fired from jobs, bullied and beat-up and in some places in the world jailed for life. tortured, raped, murdered.

The consequences Mr. Robertson has incurred due to his vile comments, was not about taking away his right to free speech (the government had nothing to do with it), and moreover it is not about “Christian persecution” ( a laughable thought). He was suspended because his words did not treat people with respect and care, as worthy and equal.

Do you understand that Christian?

“Well, what about love the sinner and hate the sin?” Some may respond.

What if the “sin” you hate, is actually who the person IS, and not what they DO? Individuals in the LGBT community are not mentally ill, perverted, straight people, They are normal, healthy people who are attracted to, and fall in love with, other people of the same-sex.  When you say “hate the sin”, a gay person hears “I hate you.”

Do you understand that Christian?

Many, if not most gay individuals have spent years living in shame, cowering in the shadows, driven by fear, and  trying desperately to be free of the desires they had. Yet for most of them it seemed as if God didn’t hear them. Add to that the sermons and youth group meetings, and crude faggot jokes and comments they have had to endure. How would you feel about yourself and about God and the church?

We need to stop condemning, and stop supporting those that do, and bring the Gospel to life through the unconditional love we are all called to give to others, as modeled by Jesus. When we do, we will stop blocking people in the LGBT community from coming to the Kingdom and to the ONE who loves them, and then they will be able to  hear Him say, ” I have created and loved you always, just the way you are. You are my son/daughter and you have a place in My Kingdom and at My banquet because of My Son. Welcome home.”

Do you understand that Christian?

2 thoughts on “It’s About More Than An Anus

  1. Mark, there is much anger,yet also sadness in your words which also makes me sad too, for I know within some “Christian” organisations, Churches (and with certain individuals themselves) they have not fully grasped the real love of Jesus.
    For Jesus never spread hatred, nor judgement nor condemned others – He loved them, each one, and noone is left outside His wondrous love.
    It always amazes me how those folks (and there are also many who are lovely and love all) who waste so much time and energy on debates, trying to make others believe what they feel is right, making those in the LGBT feel that they are not worthy of God’s love and are living a life of sin – when there are so, so many other more important things in this world to worry about.
    I have friends in the LGBT who are the most loveliest people you could ever meet, they care, do so much in sharing God’s love and helping others – they never judge nor make me feel small or unimportant.
    We are all “God’s bairns”, sons and daughters of our Living, Loving Lord – each unique, special and loved in God’s eyes and, one day maybe, Mark ,there will be a time when those who condemn and judge may come to realise that what they beleive and the religious views they so strongly defend – the God they visualise – is someone a little different
    A God who cares about us all, whoever and whatever we may be.
    Thanks again Mark for airing your views

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