My God WIll Be Your God

hobby lobbyA case is coming before the Supreme Court in which a Christian owned business is seeking to use religious exemption arguments in order to not have to provide some reproductive serves to women. According to Hobby Lobby, a multimillion dollar corporation, they want  to be exempt from the mandate within the Affordable Care Act that covers employees accessing certain birth control methods.  Hobby Lobby believes particular methods cause abortions. They claim that by providing these services they (the corporation) will be violating their religious principles and freedoms.

I could understand this were Hobby Lobby strictly “religious” in nature, such as a place of worship or an organization directly linked to propagating faith by word or deed. I cannot understand it when it comes to a retail store that services the general public and employs individuals from wide religious/non-religious backgrounds.

Suppose Hobby Lobby wins. Lets consider other scenarios that may arise.

What about the Jehovah Witness business owner, couldn’t they claim that they do not want health insurance to pay for blood transfusions for their employees?

A Christian Science business owner? He/she should be allowed to deny all health care coverage, other than “prayer therapy”

And of course, there is a Scientologist who would vehemently oppose any sort of mental health therapy, or covering the cost of psychotropic drugs.

And all this would fall under the “religious freedom” banner sought after by Hobby Lobby.

But for a moment lets move beyond healthcare and consider the Pandora’s box that potentially could be opened with a positive ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby.

What would stop a business owner from restricting an employee from bringing a ham sandwich for lunch. Or not hiring African-Americans (due to the curse, some people believe, placed on them by God “in the days of Noah”). Or what about not hiring women, or if they are hired paying them less than their male counterparts (because according to some religious men, they are inferior) What would stop a business from seeking out and  firing  LGBT employees, because as these religious business owners see it, being gay is an abomination.

All these beliefs are “religiously based.”

The idea that a for profit organization has the right to discriminate against anyone that does not adhere to its particular believe system it clearly wrong. Hobby Lobby is guilty of disregarding the beliefs, and discriminating against, those that work for them. Corporations are not people (sorry Mitt), therefore they are not protected, as individuals are,  when it comes to religious freedom.   They are not guaranteed, by our government, the right to impose their beliefs on their employees or upon the people they serve.

For Christian owners, in particular, to fight for the right of your business to force your beliefs on others is clearly anti-Christian.

2 thoughts on “My God WIll Be Your God

  1. Excellent points. It is sad how Hobby Lobby has chosen to go about this. But I also have the issue with the fact that Birth Control pills- which many of those who are asking to not have to support the affordable care act over—are more than just a contraceptive. I have friends who have needed to go on some sort of contraception for their own health. It is a medical issue. How dare Christians deny medical attention to people.

    1. thanks Leanne. My own daughter uses birth control for other medical reasons. Christians have no right to deny people the rights they have and the choices that they make just because it offends their personal Christian sensibilities.

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