Cheap Grace

Cheap grace…

took care of our past sins at the cross,
is available for people who try harder,
is useful for those who give up “besetting sin”,
covers church attenders, “venial sinners”, and conservative denominations,
generally is not available for:
drug users who keep drugging
drinkers who keep drinking
adulterers that keep adulterating
or any other “mortal sinner” that does not seem to take serious God’s demands.


through the cross, has taken care of every sin we will ever commit,
is available for people who don’t try very hard at all,
is useful for those who fail at overcoming “besetting sin”,
covers all believers in every denomination, committing every “venial sin”,
generally is available in greater amounts for:
drug users who can’t stop drugging
drinkers who can’t stop drinking
adulterers that can’t stop adulterating
all sinners who can’t keep the demands of God

God’s grace is the most radical thing in the universe. It changes individuals, churches, and communities. It is time for the church to upgrade to the real thing.

God's grace

3 thoughts on “Cheap Grace

  1. Well said. Whenever we find a limit to grace and love, we must admit we are living out a lesser grace and love than that of Christ. And I must always remember that the grace and love I am showing today and am impressed with my ability to show today, will not be enough tomorrow….thank God for mercies which are new every morning.

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