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So it took less than a day for some Christians to begin to point the finger at the “other”, blaming them for the Boston Marathon bombing. Here is one by “Christ Follower” , “Outspoken Conservative”(like Jesus, I guess), and very proud that she is blocked by several public figures (I can only imagine it has something to do with her loving people unconditionally, like Jesus)

@Anton_IIr  MA is one of the most Godless states in the Union. As a state, they tell God to get out. I’m afraid He complied.
Members of Westboro Baptist Church also considers themselves “Christ Followers”, and Bryan Fischer from American Family christ followerAssociation, who in the last week said that Christians are going to be forced to wear a patch like the Jews in Germany, so we can be identified as bigots. Benjamin Curell, the person mentioned in my last post, destroyer of a Planned Parenthood office is also a “Christ Follower”.
So, what does a Christ Follower look like.
If I were to combine the examples above, with other outspoken Christians in media and in politics, this would be the picture I would formulate…
A Christ Follower (thus mirroring the Jesus they claim to follow) is intolerant of and hateful toward Atheists, Muslims, Catholics, single  women, single pregnant women, women in general, people in the LGBT community, Native Americans. and other minority groups  They and therefore, their Jesus,  blame poverty on the poor trapped by it , and accuses those in poverty as being lazy, and parasitic, living off the money of the godly. This ‘Christ Followers” Jesus is apparently on the side of Republicans, against Democrats, and protects the assets of the wealthy and large corporations. He also has endowed His followers with the insight to read and know the hearts of people they hate, like the President, and the wisdom to interpret every natural and man-made disaster as a judgement of God against the godlessness of our culture. These Christ Followers have also been given a mandate to “take-back America” for God and in the process turn the nation into a Christian stronghold with all laws, regulations, and morality to be based on a their narrow (but right) interpretation of all Scripture.
This is the christ that these “Followers” show to the world.
But this christ is not Jesus.


10 thoughts on “Christ Follower…

  1. I agree. After a while, for me, my job as a Christian is showing people that all Christians are not like that. My job is not to reel people back into the church.

    1. I agree completely, we are called to love and leave the rest up to God. Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment.

  2. Exactly how I feel! It hurts me to know that this is how people view Christians. The judgmental Christians are the ones that speak the loudest so that is who people think we are.

    1. There need to be more like you and me to speak up and let the world know that what they see on television, may not be be representative of Christians at all. Thanks for reading and commenting. Peace to you.

  3. You got all that from my one post? You’ve never spoken to me or asked my opinion on any of the things mentioned above yet you outline your opinion of what you assume I think? Who exactly is judging whom?

    1. All I did was quote you and what is said on your twitter account about you. The others examples I gave are individuals and organizations that have come out, like yourself, with pronouncements as if they were speaking for God Himself.

      Do you know every individual living in a state you proclaimed the “most godless”? Are they all indeed godless?

      Where in the comment you made, is the grace and unconditional love that is exemplified in Jesus?

      Where in the comment you made, is mercy?

      It is not there.

      Do I know where you stand on abortion, LGBT issues, pre-marital sex, drugs, drinking, issues concerning the poor and marginalized, racial and gender inequality? No. You may be a very accepting, loving, caring, and merciful individual. But your comment, at least in my reading of it, suggests otherwise.

      If you do not want to be lumped in with people that spew hatred, and judgement, and glee over death and destruction then stop sounding like they do. They do a great disservice to the gospel, and to the Author of the Gospel causing many to turn from the Only One that can give the the love and grace they so desperately seek.

      In closing may you sense from our Father in Heaven overflowing grace, and the unconditional love of God that brings peace.

      1. My comment said that God may have not been there. Do you know that Massachusetts is now considered an unreached people group because so few Christians are there? The Holy Spirit abides in His people. You’re right, you don’t know my personal feelings toward anyone or any group. So before you begin judging, as you accuse others of doing, perhaps you should find out. Lastly, Christ is a Savior of love. But He’s also a God of wrath. And if you’re teaching only of His love and not the fact that He hates and will judge sin, you’re doing your readers a disservice.

      2. Yes Shannon, most of New England shows low church attendance, and “unreached” people. But that does not mean all New Englanders are godless, as you imply, And that God has forsaken New England, as you also imply.

        From reading your tweets I could figure out where you stand on guns, and the President and a few other social issues. So I do know some of your personal feelings, just as you know some of mine,

        What I find most fascinating though, is that you feel you have free-reign as a believer to tweet all kinds of mean and nasty things about people, and people groups, but when I (as a fellow believer) call you out on it, and connect you with American Family Association, and other judgmental “Christ Followers” you tell me not to judge.

        Finally, I know many, many people that have left the church or refuse to have anything to do with it. not because of the Gospel but because of those that say they follow the Gospel. One of the last things Jesus said from the cross concerning those that crucified Him was “forgive them”….there are a plethora of verses in Scripture that talk about loving others, such as “love your neighbor as you love yourself” and interestingly there are no words from Jesus or any New Testament writer telling us to judge anyone, anywhere, Yet the church is full of people that do just that. The Bible states clearly that “God is love”, it is not an attribute, it is what He is. And in fact the Bible states that it the the mercy of God, not the wrath of God, that leads people to repentance.

        If I err, I will err on the side of love….

        Peace to you.

        Mark Lee

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