Called To Bring Dead Things To Life

I have been thinking a lot about death the last couple of weeks. I have seen first hand how it creeps in and slowly robs  vitality,  strength, and independence from someone. Like the mythical vampire it sucks away youth and eventually life. Cruelly and without mercy it brings pain and destruction. It works the same in individuals as it does in cultures and societies. Poverty, starvation, racism, bigotry, hatred, war, human trafficking, slavery, and environmental collapse are all footprints of death on the prowl. Death is all around us.

I hate death. It is my enemy.

The Bible tells us that we were not created to die, but to live. And to bring more life by procreation and by caring for the creation that God gifted to us. At one time we were good. We created and re-created and enhanced life, by embracing it and nurturing it.

Then we began to think that we knew better than the Creator, and we decided to do our own thing, Humility, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and nurturing was replaced with what “I” want and death came to life.

And the web of death ensnared humankind and all of creation, thick and dark it swallowed up even the light of life.

For eons creation itself groaned under its weight.

But then the Creator broke through, becoming the light of the world and overwhelming the darkness death had spread. The shadows of death were dispelled from the corners of politics, religion, and culture. Old ways and practices that brought suffering and death were exposed and vanquished. The Kingdom of God was invading the kingdom of death. And many were transformed and called to become agents of life by bringing grace and mercy, love and compassion, healing and restoration to individuals and to the world around them.

Death has not given up easily and many have been tortured and martyred, imprisoned and shunned. But as those lights were extinguished by the vile breath of death, others were born to life.

So today, we are the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Light. And our war is with death wherever it reigns, whether in the life of our family and friends, or in the life of the communities around us. Our call is to bring to life those things the enemy, death as held in its hand for too long.

And the gates of hell will not prevail against us.

6 thoughts on “Called To Bring Dead Things To Life

  1. I know you are going through a long period of grief–from your own job search to your father’s passing–and wish I had words which could lift you out of this time.
    But all I can say is: May resurrection come to you as/when you emerge from this valley of the shadow of death.

    1. Leanne, it is a shadow and therefore will be dispelled by the light, thank you for being part of that light. Peace to you.

  2. Mark, Nearing the end of a working day, I came into contact with someone I so wanted to help but could do nothing except pass their details on to another team and just often in life, we see, hear, wonder why there is so much pain, hurt despair.
    It is never God’s will, He weeps with all who hurt.
    I do believe that by giving the world to Humans,giving them minds to think, freedom to choose is the main reason things go so desperately wrong.
    Jesus lived a human life on earth, He knows all we go through.
    Just as every Good Friday has a beautiful Easter dawn, God’s love has conquered death – it is the end of the beginning.
    You are hurting inside, Mark, like so many, (like me often too,) do not depair.
    There is a corner in the world which only you can fill, so many need your help and encouragements. Just by being the very unique and caring Mark Lee.
    Even in your writing, you are helping many unknown to you.
    I have yet to find my wee corner.. and time is passing by.. – but I trust God.
    He has not let me down yet and neither will He let you down, Mark.
    Be still, in the silence, sometimes God does not always speak, He lifts us up and hugs us so very close
    Take care for now

  3. As I read your description of God breaking through in Christ, I was reminded of a favorite theology book. It’s called Son of Man & Son of God: A New Language for Faith [John C. Dwyer] It’s an intense read, but I have a feeling you’d love it as much as I do. It opened my mind so much to the depth of the reality in the Incarnation.

    1. thank you so much Anna, I will look into the book. I appreciate others recommending books.

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