A Woman’s Place…

“Our state is the No. 1 enemy of women”
…”rights groups point to a recent spate of high-profile attacks against women to raise the alarm that” this country, “is backsliding on women’s rights.”
“They say women’s progress is being undermined…and a” religious “inspired government that is increasingly embracing the conservative values…”
“While the… party insists that it is simply socially conservative and pro-family,” arguing “that family integrity was valued over a woman’s individual rights.” 
A pious religious man even argued “that birth control advocates sought to weaken” this country.

So what do you think? Do this sound vaguely familiar in our religiously charged political diatribes? And who is stating these things? NOW, Planned Parenthood, Rick Santorum?

How about women’s rights groups in Turkey where Muslim fundamentalism seeking to make governmental inroads and taking away the hard-fought for rights of women there. Read the full New York Times article here…http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/26/world/europe/women-see-worrisome-shift-in-turkey.html

The shift has to do with politics and religion become one in the same. And I believe it is happening here as well. From greater and greater restrictions and intrusive procedures regarding abortion, and ever-increasing funding cuts for women’s other health care issues including birth control, to the inequality in pay that still exists for women today and the degrading verbal vomit from some talk show hosts, women and women’s rights are under attack.

And what some Americans call christianity is behind much of it.

But may I remind readers here that when “christianity” begins to mirror Islam, or any other religion in seeking to subject all people to its rules and regulations, it essentially ceases to be true Christianity and becomes a fundamentalist religion seeking domination. That is the religion running amok in  America today. Rules mark this religion, Jesus, grace, mercy, and the unconditional love of God are absent.

True Christianity seeks to break the chains of bondage that have held women back for so long. True Christianity seeks to restore dignity, and purpose to all women, not to keep them enslaved  to the whims of a patriarchal society.
True Christianity gives women freedom to become all that they were created to be, whether they CHOOSE to be a stay at home mom, or CHOOSE to be a CEO. or anything in between.
True Christianity desires the liberation of all women.

We need more of true Christianity.

3 thoughts on “A Woman’s Place…

  1. I just want to point out that it’s not Islam itself that takes away women’s rights. Women’s rights in the Middle East (and elsewhere) depend on the country’s government, not Islam…Saudi Arabia, for example, demands that its women be completely covered up – not just with a hijab, but with long clothes and even a veil – does not allow them to drive or even leave the house without a chaperone, whereas other Middle Eastern countries allow women to drive, hold local government positions, and attend college. It’s not Islam that’s the problem, it’s the actual government – and by the way, why is the U.S. friendliest with the most conservative of the Middle Eastern nations?

    1. Thanks for commenting…I hope this is not seen as a post against Islam. I am trying to point out here that fundamentalism corrupts religious belief systems. In the USA, that belief system is mainly Christianity and fundamentalism here has corroded the message of Jesus.

      Thanks again for reading.

  2. In any religion, but especially as a Christian, I would like to know what is so threatening about others having freedom– women having the same freedoms as men, etc.? Why is that threatening? If it is not threatening, why is it necessary to keep women from experiencing the freedom?

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