Resurrection Desecration

“Nearly thirty years ago, God gave me a life-changing revelation while sitting in a rocking chair. It was then that God said, “at Easter, I gave my very best, my Son. This one time each year, commemorate when I gave my best on Calvary. During this resurrection season, encourage the people to give their very best, and watch what I’ll do in their lives!” Don’t miss this God-ordained opportunity to bring in your harvest!” Rod Parsley

The above is a quote on the front page of Rod Parsley’s website. I happened upon his show on TBN earlier in the week. I was, to say the least taken aback by what he was saying.

Let me digress for just a moment and review, briefly, the Easter Celebration.

God became human, to save humans from their weakness, wickedness, and sin. He performed many miracles to bring validity to the fact that He, Jesus, was who he said He was. He was rejected because He loved too much, and partied too much with sinners and was not afraid to call out the religious hypocrites of His day. He was arrested, falsely accused and subjected to the most cruel and inhumane torture and death, because he loved us with a love no human has been able to replicate. Then He was put in a tomb and left for dead by those who followed Him for 3+ years. Three days, and then He, by the power of God rose again to show his victory over the enemy, death, to show that what He had said during His time here was in fact true, and to establish Himself as the true victorious ruler of God’s kingdom of righteousness and justice. now invading enemy territory on earth.

That in summary (although abbreviated) is the greatest story ever told.

Enter now, Rod Parsley and His “resurrection seed 2012” fleecing of God’s desperate sheep. He promises that if you send money (“everything you need is wrapped up in your seed“) to his ministry during this resurrection season that God will multiple it 60/80/100 fold. Whatever your need, send your money to him and believe that  God will do it. He has taken the greatest, single most momentous incident in human history and turned it into a way to make a quick ten million or so.


Imagine the needy, hurting, lonely, people hearing this message and sending him money that they need to pay a bill, to buy some food, or to get diapers for their children. Then imagine their seed dying in the toxic soil of Rod Parsley ministries. Will he be blamed?

No! those same desperate people will either blame God for not holding up His end of the bargain, thus destroying their faith. Or they will blame themselves for not have enough faith and go on a quest to become good enough of God. which is impossible. And Rod Parsley continues to smile his smile at the camera, and continues to lie his lies, giving false hope and empty promises to people who are longing to know the one true God.

Things like this cause me to weep.

5 thoughts on “Resurrection Desecration

  1. I always find it ironic that “everything you need” “everything God has for you” is wrapped up in a seed “to his specific ministry.” It is never wrapped up in a seed to the local food pantry or homeless shelter.

  2. Money is at the heart of what ruins religion for many people, and this is a great example of that. Faith is not a “pay-to-play” activity, and those who present it as such should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. There is no shame, and in fact there is arrogance and pride in the “fact” that god speaks to them as he does.

  3. Jeannete Clift George, founder of the A. D. Players, told us one time in a meeting that some people are going to be very surprised when they face the Almighty and He says: “That’s a contract I’ve never seen, let alone signed…”

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