Jesus’ Bad PR

The latest round of bad publicity for Jesus began a little over a month ago.

First, “socialist, secret muslim” Barack Hussein Obama launched an all out war on religion by demanding that religious institutions staffed by people of all faiths or no faith, carry insurance that has within its plan, access to free birth control for said staff. Horrified, Republican hopefuls, Christian fundamentalists, and fundamentalist Catholics blustered and lamented that the end of religious freedom was near. 

Then we heard from born-again billionaire, Foster Freiss, one of Rick Santorum’s campaign donors. His solution to the birth control issue was that “gals” put a Bayer aspirin between their knees to protect against pregnancy.

Franklin Graham made an appearance in an interview and was asked about President Obama’s faith and he said he didn’t know if the President was a Christian, that was between him and God. Yet he was certain to affirm the Christianity of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich because of their words. But as for the President, it seems that he is more interested giving Muslims a break.

His “his holiness” Rick Santorum appeared here and there throughout the month pontificating on social issues from birth control ( it is the reason for the downfall of American culture), to mourning over the long ago Supreme Court decision striking down sodomy laws, to the reinstitution of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, even though most military leaders attune to troop morale find that its repeal has had little impact.

Then at the beginning of March we have the ever (self)righteous Rush Limbaugh berate, insult, condemn and vilify a 30-year-old law student as a slut, and prostitute (for three days on his show), because she appeared before a sub-committee in support of health insurance covered birth control.

There is enough here to make my point. I do not find Jesus in any of the above examples. Yet those who continue to say and do the things they do, claim that they follow Him. And in making this claim, they slam shut the door of  unconditional love and the grace of God in the face of women and individuals in the  LGBT community. And minions of church attendees follow and agree with these men without question.

Let me just say this in closing. Jesus and the message of the Gospel of grace does not belong in the political realm. No politician on the right OR on the left can make the presumptuous claim that “Jesus has his back.” And I would go so far as to say the NO denomination can claim that Jesus is exclusively part of their little club. Jesus IS God and therefore beyond our little political or religious games.

But to my brothers and sisters on the “right”, let me exhort you, that if you continue to rally around  politicians and religious leaders that tear down people with their hateful, demeaning, and judgemental words, then you are not practicing the command of Jesus to love unconditionally, and you are as guilty as they are for pushing people away from the most important relationship they will ever need.

3 thoughts on “Jesus’ Bad PR

  1. Unfortunately the flavor of the Gospel in America is so linked to politics that evangelicalism has become more about how you vote (political fundamentalism) rather than the Good News–while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.
    Christ have mercy on us all.

  2. THIS IS RIGHT ON, as usual, Mark! BRAVO! i am working on a piece myself that is all about all of this. cant wait for you to read it!

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