Obama’s War On Religion And Those Pesky Gay Soldiers

“I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Christian.”

Thus begins Rick Perry’s new Iowa political ad attacking President Obama and gay military personal. Somehow he equates the repealing of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with how terrible it is that little Billy cannot sing Away In A Manger at the elementary school winter concert.

He then goes a bit further by declaring that when he is president he will end “Obama’s war on religion”.


Correct me if I am wrong but I think somewhere in the Hebrew text of the Christian Bible there is a little command that says something to the effect of  “you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”. I think it is actually part of the BIG TEN that so many Christians claim to follow.

Perhaps Mr. Perry should sit in the pew more often so that he can get his theology correct and see that his accusations against the President amount to bearing false witness, since there never has been a “war on religion” or  “war on Christmas” issued from the White House.

Rick Perry has set himself up in the place of God as a judge  by declaring that President Obama is not a Christian, and that he is out to destroy religious freedom in this country. I am truly tired of the radical/fundamentalist Christians lamenting about all the persecution they suffer in this country at the hands of the liberal politicians, media, and Hollywood.

Enough already!!!! The name of Jesus has been maligned and denigrated and abused long enough.

Rick Perry, I say to you, in front of the 20 people who accidentally come across this blog,  you need to repent of this ridiculous ad…pull it from the airwaves and recognize that Jesus cannot be reduced to a political plank, or a pithy statement for you to garner a few votes.

Jesus is your God, not your lackey!

I am ashamed to say that I am a Christian because of you and people like you that are literally destroying the real meaning of Christianity.

15 thoughts on “Obama’s War On Religion And Those Pesky Gay Soldiers

  1. I share your worries about the Senator. In the early days of the Christian Church, the behaviour which set them apart identified who was to be labelled as Christian. It was a label given by others. The catch with making the self claim of Christian or Born again Christian is that anyone can make it regardless of how they talk or behave. Perhaps we need to get back to the old days. As the song goes”….dont talk of love – show me”.

  2. Well Said! Not only do 20 people “accidentally” come across this blog, but over 6,000 are provided this blog on our FB Page. You have summed up our sentiments perfectly. Thank you for saying it and this will be posted on our Page -> Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented.

    Perry and others like him, continue to misrepresent the Christianity we hold dear.

  3. Well said. I think Perry is doing this out of desperation. He needs to activate the fringe base of his party. He is trying to start a fight with the liberals so he looks like the martyr just trying to live out his faith. Unfortunately, his faith smells more like America than it does the Bible.

  4. I couldn’t have said this any more eloquently. I have a number of GLBTQ friends, and it is easy to see why they would be offended. My first impression, however, was that this ad is just as offensive to Christians. Your post sums up why perfectly. Thank you for saying it 🙂

  5. As a gay person, I believe that I have more claim to being persecuted because of religion than R. Perry does. And specifically because of R. Perry’s special brand of same.

    1. You are correct! Can I say to you that as a Christian I want to apologize for how people in the Church have treated you. There is no excuse for the hatred and rejection you have had to endure at the hands of those who claim to follow the One who Is Love, Grace, and Mercy.

  6. As a Christian I am deeply offended by the things said in this ad. I would like to remind Mr Perry that even Satan could quote scripture, therefore if Rick Perry’s words are not followed up by Christian action, they are meaningless! President Obama has reflected Christ much more than the right-wing religious zealots who continually question his faith and patriotism. If Rick Perry and other conservatives who try to scare people of faith into thinking they are being persecuted, are looking for someone to blame for attacks on Christianity, they should look in the mirror. They have probably caused more people to turn away from God than any of the other evils in our society!

    1. Barbara thanks for your comment. The far right/fundamentalists have done a terrible job in representing the Gospel. Their claims of loving people is nothing more than a clanging cymbal to the ears of most non-believers. The only thing that their fear tactics produce is ignorance among their followers and rejection of the God who is love.

  7. “I think it is actually part of the BIG TEN that so many Christians claim to follow.”

    Pretty sure most of them follow the SEC more closely than the BIG TEN.

    (Or the Commandments for that matter)

  8. All of the things that I would like to type about Mr. Perry would just sound oh so unchristian right now. What can i say that would be nice…I guess I just wont say anything at all. Mom would be proud of my self restraint….(Dang it that guy is a d-bag!) There – that feels better!

  9. Yup, Perry was pretty ridiculous in that one. But what’s sadder is that somebody thought it would work to get the Christian vote behind him–and saddest is that it might.

  10. AMEN! I am from Iowa…and when I first saw this ad I was dumbfounded. I have seen some pretty nasty ads around here, but this one was completely off the wall. I have come in contact with some of these “so-called” Christians on Facebook, and you are completely right. Christianity is now becoming a joke because of these types of ads. Makes me ill!!!!!!

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