When Fundamentalist Rule

I have a vision, well actually a nightmare, that since the 1970’s and the rise of Falwellian “moral majority”, that there has been behind the scenes groups of powerful Christians on a covert crusade to take over America. Before you write me off as a conspiracy theorist, just look around. Just observe the Republican/tea party, look at who is in the running for GOP nomination. Look at the laws that have been enacted around the country and the overturning of rights. From Kansas to California, the far right is having an impact. If this trend continues, what would America look like in say, 2040. Let me just take some of the present trends

Pro-choice rights will be severely limited if not eliminated in at least two-thirds of the states. At the same time Planned Parenthood will cease to exist due to funding cuts through the years. Sex education in schools, if allowed at all, will consist of abstinence only education. Unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease will sky-rocket particularly among young people, including more resilient forms of HIV.

HIV/AIDS funding will be cut to minimum, agencies dealing with this disease will be closed for lack of funding and AIDS wards will be set up in hospitals to deal with its victims. No new medications will have been developed after 2020 due to lack of funding and HIV will have become immune to most of the current meds available, death for someone contracting HIV will the only option.

Marriage equality will have disappeared from state after state and sodomy laws will be resurrected and enforced throughout most of the USA. Bullying laws will be struck from the books and suicide rates among young gay and lesbian people will reach record numbers since the only option for gay teens would be arrest and conviction of sodomy or two years in a conversion therapy internment camp where psychological and physical torture were the norm.

Poverty, hunger, illiteracy, increase of mortality rates and homelessness will be prevalent across the country because social welfare, and public educational programs would have been slashed, while fundamentalist churches receive billions of new faith-based initiative monies from the government.

I have more trends, but I will put those in my next post. I am not trying to be a sensationalist here, I only write this from what have I seen and heard from people who speak for the religious far right.  I do not think that I am that far off the reality should we continue down the road we are on.

13 thoughts on “When Fundamentalist Rule

  1. I think that these people pander to the fears and ignorance of difference of uncomplicated people. The people who vote based on fear and emotion are the low hanging fruit of the election and it’s a scramble for those votes so they threaten them with imagined tattacks on their children, American family values and the good o’le American way. The people who vote in knee jerk reaction to those fears aren’t intending to harm anyone. When they vote against marriage equality, it’s really against a imaginary dehumanized group of drunken immoral “sinners.” When they know gay people and they find out that gay people are just folks, these voters would say things like, “Well, he’s different. If we could have an exception, he’d be it.” It’s the humanization and the removal of a dehumanizing lable that are critical. That’s why the big pull was for people to come out of the closet back in the 80’s and 90’s just to show that the vast majority of gay people are not the outrageously drunken, scantily clad, hyper-sexed gay version of a minstral show that make the news reel during gay pride. Those religious right people who fly the moral banner are just after the votes they can scare out of people who are afraid of an overworked stereotype. These are the true moral enemies of the state because under under their sheep’s clothing lurk the wolves that feed on the financial power of manipulation they get from the endorsement of elected officials who presumably have the support of the people. Our entire economy is a victim of this haveing bought and paid for the rights of banks to rape the economy and then get bailed out for doing it because we had no other choice to avoid destitution. It isn’t about gay marriage. It’s about money.

    1. Very great points…

      People are manipulated by fear to vote.
      removing labels off of people and seeing them as PEOPLE helps change minds.
      It is about money and power and most people in power want to stay there so they will saay whatever may get them the votes.

      I love your reply Joseph, thanks

  2. I think your scenario is an extreme one. I do not think we often try to follow our thoughts, theology and philosophy to the extreme end. We probably should in order to hear what we are fully saying and implying.
    I have often heard people say the liberal left wing folk are “idealists.” They are idealists for believing the government can be trusted to do the right thing with our money and to be fair. Yet, the right wingers are just as idealistic as the left. Their idealism states that given the freedom, people will choose to give to the poor, people and businesses and corporations will not be greedy. This is somewhat ironic. When we state the individuals and businesses and corporations will do the right thing and are more trustworthy we deny the role individuals, businesses, and corporations play in the government. The lobbyists which help get the tax breaks for big corporations or the money for specific grants for farmers or steelworkers, the corporate contributions to the campaigns, etc. And we believe we are a government by the people, for the people. Well, we have elected the elite to office and the elite take care of themselves. They simply change their name when they get into power to independent or tea partiers.
    In a perfect world, yes individuals and therefore the government would be trustworthy to do the right thing. But we see at the Cross of Christ we are in need of a savior.
    We are people of extremes. To say we don’t need all parties’ views is to misunderstand the nature of the human system.

    1. thanks Leanne you make some good points. All I did here was to follow through with what is being advanced and pushed on the right at this point in time. What makes this fantasy scary for me is that there are truly people out on the political field, hoping to run for office that hold to these extreme views.

      And we do need views from all sides and we do need to work together….but at this point in time that does not seem very plusible.

      1. It doesn’t seem plausible because people are more concerned with appearing smarter/better than helping society. If someone really wants to help the country, name-calling, rhetoric and irresponsible labeling (racist, ignorant, anti-women) is not the way to do it.

        If liberal ideas are really the better ones, then be humble, compassionate and understanding and in a thoughtful, gracious way, discuss the ideas with the other side.

        They may not agree with you but it doesn’t make them racist, dumb or anti-rights.


      2. Thanks for your commet..i am a bit confused though. I went back to read my post and I don’t see where I did any name calling or labeling.

        I also don’t think many liberal or many conservatives have any good answers since they tend to look out for their own interests.

        My concern is the direction of the church and the abondonment of the Gospel message.

        Name calling tends to be the norm though from conservative television and radio…..

  3. It isn’t so much your post. Just the liberal message in general. All I hear on MSNBC and others is how racist and ignorant Conservatives are. It is nonsense.

    One problem I have with your post is that you state a lot of assumptions as facts (unless I misread). You don’t have any proof that all those things will happen if the right gets their way. And your language is misleading and unfair. People who oppose abortions don’t oppose women’s rights. That is an unfair charge. I don’t oppose gay marriage because I am against civil rights. I oppose gay marriage because I believe I would be rewarding sin. And what does it benefit the state to give benefits to gay couples? Awarding marriage benefits costs the state and people a lot of money, the reason those benefits are given to heterosexual, non-related couples is because there is a good chance those people will have children. That is a state interest.

    And I could argue that our moral decay is because the gov won’t let us have God in school. Kids are not being taught moral values because they aren’t welcome in the classroom. And we wonder why we see so much corruption in corporate America and all over the country. They are products of a Godless school system.

    I just think it is unfair to act like Christians or Conservatives don’t care about those things you mentioned (HIV, poverty, education, etc) we just have different ways of fighting them.

    And Christians are of the most generous people in our society. Not just giving to their church but to secular causes as well. Both money and their time. In my opinion, I think too many liberals cry about injustice but don’t do anything about it. Or just expect it to be the governments problem.


    1. Come on Mitchell, you do not hear how socialist, and marxist, and elitist “liberals” are from Fox, Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly? You do not hear that if a person is a Democrat or a progressive that they evil, wicked, and godless? Please, you want to talk about “fair”?

      And to clarify, if a person opposes abortion they ARE SEEN by many as someone who wants to take away the rights of a woman. If a person opposes marriage equality they ARE SEEN by many as opposing civil rights, And by the way marriage equality also creates revenue for states that legalize it.

      Moral values are being taught in public schools (but maybe not your pet moral values). Honesty, integrity, hard work, compassion, and justice are moral values, and they are being taught.

      We see corruption and greed in corporate america because corporations are run by fallable humans, granted free reign by the government.

      Do Conservative Christians care about HIV…yes, in Africa but not here. Several years ago I invited several “mega-churches” where I live, to reach out to people living with HIV/AIDS. Not one responded to me, even after several phone calls and personal visits.

      How about poverty…generally the conservative concern goes like this….people are lazy, living on welfare and other governmental assistance. Here is the perfect example of conservative compassion for the poor that I read on a bumper sticker. “Keep working, millions on welfare depend on it.!”

      Education….well you sort of summed it up for me yourself. There is no concern to improve public education only take money away from it, give it to privcate schools to create a voucher system that would be useless to over half of school age children. But it was you distain for the “godless” school system that does not teach any morals that really is the true view of a conservative. The conservative answer….bring prayer back and bible reading. A question remains about prayer for a school system in a pluralistic country. What schedule do we follow to make sure all the various dieties are included?

      This discussion is why I harp over and over that as Christians we need to focus on Jesus and the cross and forgiveness, grace and mercy rather than on particular cultural issues.

      Mitchell, I was a conservative, flag waving, republican Christian for over 18 years, So i know a thing or two about conservatives. I am not just speaking off the top of my head.

      Peace to you brother.

  4. I never said Conservatives don’t spout off. I was just responding to your charge that name-calling is the norm on Conservative radio.

    I rarely watch Fox. I agree with them most of the news networks but I can’t stand bias and I think Hannity is a jerk. MSNBC is far worse in their bias but I can stomach it better when it comes from people who aren’t also preaching Conservative and biblical values. Judge your own house first type thing.

    People are “seen” as opposing the rights of gays and women because that is how the left paints them. Watch a typical newscast. They always refer to people as anti-rights. They are not objective. They want to paint people on the right as racist, ignorant and whatever else. Even Jon Stewart admitted that. I can’t stand him btw.

    If you are a liberal, that is your choice. but because you and I don’t agree on some things, it doesn’t make me stupid, racist, etc. If a Conservative tries to label you in a way that is unfair and just plain wrong. I will speak out against it.

    MSNBC makes fun of people all the time who believe in God. They are more radical than Fox and are purely agenda driven in my opinion. Can’t believe i watch them so much.

    Couple links you MAY be interested in reading:



    Peace to you too Mark.

  5. I think what everyone forgets is we all argue from an idealistic viewpoint. If things were ideal for the Conservatives, then their plan of action would work. If things were ideal for the Liberals, then their plan of action would work.
    But we live in a broken world. And the conservatives and the liberals are broken. All I can do as a Christian is to seek the Kingdom, which means I must speak life into all parties where they are falling short.
    And so in an argument about the economy, I must say, Scripture calls individuals and governments to care for the poor. For me to have a tax break, does that mean someone on unemployment is going to have their benefits cut short? When we talk about the abortion issue, the Kingdom values all life–so what about the mother’s life if she is threatened by the pregnancy? What about the inmate on death row? What about the soldiers? What about the enemy’s soldiers? I must cherish life because Jesus is the way, the truth and the LIfe.
    Unfortunately, the way of the world is extremism and name calling. But I think we as Christians are to call each other and the world to look at the extremes of our views, not just the ideals of our views. WE as Christians are called to be the voice of the Kingdom, not the voice of America, or the voice of our own comfort level.

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