And They Will Know We Are Christians By Our…

Growing up I learned a song, I think maybe in my elementary school years, that for some reason popped into my head a few months ago. And then the praise team at one of the churches we attend sang it a few weeks ago. So I started to ruminate about the message of that song and how its message fails to line up with what is taught in some Evangelical/Fundamentalist circles. I thought that perhaps the song needed a new title, so here are a few I created.

They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Doctrinal Positions On…                      
marriage equality
gun control
climate change
death penalty….

They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Boycotts of…
Disney Theme Parks
Home Depot…

They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Christian Message Tee Shirts/Bumper Stickers

They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Stand Against…
“Secular” Music
“Secular” Movies

They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Hatred Of…
Public Education
Social Welfare Programs
Sex Education

They Will Know We Are Christians By Our…
“Modest” clothing
Sensible shoes
Lack of make-up, earrings, nose rings, tongue rings, nipple rings, tattoos, extreme hair styles

Well anyway, that is just a partial list. There is one thing that is lacking…LOVE.

Francis Schaeffer, whom I do not generally agree with on many levels wrote a book entitled “The Mark Of A Christian”. And in it he makes this statement, (my paraphrase), that if we do not love people, they have a right to question whether or not we are a Christian. That is profound and a bit frightening.

God, Himself states that if we do not love those whom we can see, how can we love Him whom we cannot see?  That too is profound and frightening as well.

11 thoughts on “And They Will Know We Are Christians By Our…

  1. Paul wrote that we can be the most wonderful Christians on the planet by outward appearances but if we lack love, we are absolutely nothing at all. 1 Corinthians 13–the whole chapter.

    1. Thank you Joseph, I couldn’t agree with you more….unfortunately most people only use this passage for weddings

  2. I absolutely agree with you. I have found that far more people are willing to be open to the Christian faith when they experience it through the true love and caring of a faithful person reaching out simply because she cares, without evangelizing the caring. I’ve had more than one person ask me what gave me strength/courage/compassion to reach out AFTER being the recipient of caring and being surprised when I said it was my faith which led me to engage in acts of caring for them. By being a force for God’s love in the world, rather than preaching scripture emptily while doing nothing (or in fact showing hatred), we allow people who do not know God to first experience the love, allowing them to then be open to the message.

    1. Thanks Wendy…some great thoughts here….I love your comment of “being a force of God’s love in the world!” That is a wonderful thought, because it is through love, people are changed! Thanks again for your comments. Grace to you…..
      Mark Lee

  3. Execellent Post. You have many fans on CToBM. We appreciate what you right because you say things that are exactly what we are wanting to say, but sometimes can’t quite put into words. Keep up the good work. Blessings.

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words.
      I do hope that what I say will encourage others not to give up on the church, but seek to lead it back to it’s orginal intent of being a conduit of love in a world of pain and hate.

    1. First off read the Bible. If ya don’t understand it find a good Pastor and have him teach you what the Bible teaches Christians. Even if you have a good Pastor trust but verify. You don’t show love by ignoring sin. Just like a good parent doesn’t show love by letting their kids do wrong things without correcting them. The Bible shows guidance just like a good parent provides guidance to their children.

      1. Thank you for expressing your thoughts.
        I would like to just clarify a few things.
        I have been a Christian for 28 years, and I have read my Bible, I was a Conservative Baptist for 21 years and the Bible is core to that denomination.
        Secondly, I have had good and not so good pastors, but ultimately it is the Holy Spriti who teaches me.
        Thirdly, and lastly, I seek to follow the example of Jesus in helping others find the Kingdom. Jesus never poked His finger in the chest of a “sinner” and demanded they repent. Only once did he say to someone go and sin no more. Most of the time he just spent hanging out with sinners and showing them the love the Religious Right (Pharisees), of His day failed to do.
        We are not called to point out others sin, we are called to continually examine our motives, and actions and confess them to God, which in the case of most of us is every day.
        But we are called to love unconditionally. That is what I choose to do.

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