Following False Prophets

Evangelicalism stands at a unique time in American history. We have a question and a choice before us.  How we will best represent to a hurting, confused world, God’s love through the church? We can, as Jesus prayed, see the Kingdom and will of God brought to earth by the grace and forgiveness we express through loving action. Or we can continue down the present path of  “our will be done”, through political alliances and culture war rhetoric. I will discuss the latter in this post. 

Someone wrote in a response post to an article at that we (christians) should not be surprised that so many people hate us, because Jesus said we would be hated if we follow Him. I disagreed with his assessment as to the reason we are hated. We are hated, and maligned, and made fun of, not because we share God’s love through the Gospel, we are hated because we hate first. the general impression our society has concerning us is that we are angry, paranoid, republican/tea party loving, racist, misogynist, anti-intellectual, anti-equality haters. Let me just take a moment to mention some of the prophets we follow.

Rush Limbaugh
Glen Beck
Bill O’Reilly
Sean Hannity
Ann Coulter
Sarah Palin
Michelle Bachmann
Newt Gingrich
John Boehner
Pat Buchanan
Donald Trump..and too many others to mention here.

Some of these prophets, I dare say, may not even be Christian, yet we cling to their every word, cheer at their every pronouncement, and berate our un-believing friends, co-workers and classmates for not seeing the almost divine wisdom of these men and women.

We have supported corporations and their greed over compassion and grace. We have elevated capitalism as the chosen instrument of God. We embrace america, the flag and the constitution as though they dropped from the heavens covered with God’s fingerprints. Yet if someone suggests that America needs to care for the sick, poor, needy and hungry, screams of “SOCIALIST” reverberate through the church rafters.

There needs to be a change, a purging of sorts. We need Jesus to come into our churches and overturn the tables again. We need Jesus to tear apart the unholy alliances that have formed between politics and Christianity. The Gospel has been turned into something that would be unrecognizable to the writers of the New Testament.

My fear is that it is going to get worse.  Right now at least half of the Republicans/tea party adherents considering a run in 2012 claim to be Christian. Many that have been elected to office in 2010 boast of the same thing. The problem is that they do not have a Kingdom mindset but a mindset that continues to run contrary to what we as believers are called to be. And the Gospel will continue to be rendered powerless and continued to be assimilated into a political plank.

It will not be the progressives/liberals in america that will destroy the Message of Jesus, it will be those who claim to be His most devoted followers.

5 thoughts on “Following False Prophets

  1. i think part of the issue as American Christians we equate bringing strength and glory to America obviously results in glory to God’s Kingdom. We cannot see, outside to two hot button issues, how America differs from God’s Kingdom.
    My mission as a Christian is to be part of God’s Kingdom, do what glorifies God and exemplifies God’s Kingdom. And there are plenty of times where that comes in conflict with America–spiritually, politically, and economically. When they conflict, I must side with God’s Kingdom not America.

  2. Hi Mark, nice post really 🙂 I do believe however that Jesus did say that we would be hated because we follow Jesus, as it’s stated in the Bible. Yeah, there’s soooo many reasons why we are hated, but that being said, Jesus Himself said that we would be hated because we do follow Him. Then add on top of being His Followers , then we have all those wanna-bes and fakes that claim to be His followers, and do / say really bad things. I agree – things will only get worse. Things will only get worse til He comes back.

  3. I was watching that documentary Jesus camp the other day. It was filled with pretty horrifying moments. One very poignant one was a woman home schooling her children so that she can control what they learn and they are discussing a chapter in a published science textbook from the bible belt that explains the whole concept of global warming as a liberal lie. How on earth is it Christian to teach children to disrespect the planet we live on and pillage its resources? This is but one thing brought to mind when reading your amazing post. It puts so perfectly what I believe so many real Christians want to say. The people I will refer to as conservative, corporate, “Christian” America (aka the sarah palins of the world) make me want to go live with the Amish until Jesus returns and opens up a can of compassionate whoop ass. The love of money is the root of all evil – and people can call me a socialist all they want to. I think of all people, Jesus would support taking the wealth of the world and spreading it around, taking care of the planet, loving and supporting each other regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation or identification. wwjd?

  4. I’ve stated before on our Fan Page the fact that we are hated because of the above high profile christians spewing out hate. The challenging part for us is to dispell their distortion of what Christians are and replace it with Jesus like speech and action. This list of public figures is, in my opinion, a disgrace to the Christian community. That said, we pray for them that God would open their eyes and soften their hearts to realize the harm they are doing.

  5. I couldn’t agree more that many in the evangelical community are way too tied to right leaning politics. Christianity is not being a Republican or a Tea Partier.

    That said, the ‘’ author was right in saying “(christians) should not be surprised that so many people hate us, because Jesus said we would be hated if we follow Him.” Perhaps the context of the moveOn post is why you concluded that the author was actually being hated for being right wing (I’m not familiar with moveOn). But the Bible is clear that we as Christians will be hated for following Jesus. It’s not even a “we might be” it’s a “we will be”. 2 Timothy 3:12, John 15:20 (among other verses).

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