The Lord Jesus & Lady GAGA

Last night I went to church.

It was an amazing service. Thousands of people filling the auditorium. There were younger and  older, male and female, some dressed up, and some in jeans and tee shirts singing and dancing, raising their hands high above their head. Everyone accepted everyone else, just as they were. The service was filled with ambiance, excitement, and a heart-felt message. Heck, even Jesus was given accolades a couple of times. The preacher was young, energetic, animated and captivating and you just knew the words that she shared were real and honest.

Her message was inspiring, reminding everyone there that no matter who you were or what you looked like you were accepted in her “church”. In fact, she preached that this was the place you should be because here, in this “church”, you were  important and special.  She preached love, unity and compassion and that we should embrace these attributes. She made the people, many of them living on the “fringe” of societal norms, and those rejected because of sexual orientation, feel a sense of worth and purpose and unconditional love. 

And the people gave of their money, and many gave more than they probably could afford to give, but they gave out of love.

The preacher of course was Lady GAGA and her church was Monster Ball tour.

I think that there is a reason she has struck a chord with so many people. Yes, her music and presence amazes and intrigues but I think that it is more than that.  She shared about being bullied as a child, and how that influences her life even today and she connected with the audience in such a way that some of them, for the first time, ,may have felt accepted with an unconditional love.

Why does Lady GAGA get that we, in spite of our differences, peculiarities, weaknesses, have the need to feel loved unconditionally, while we the church fail so miserably in this area.

The people living on the fringe of Jewish/Roman society flocked to Jesus because to be around Him was to feel for maybe the very first time unconditional love. Yet today people run screaming from the church or from anything that has to do with Christianity. We should be shamed by the realization that by our actions we turn people off the greatest message ever reveal to humanity. What are we doing wrong?

Maybe we should talk to Lady GAGA.

6 thoughts on “The Lord Jesus & Lady GAGA

  1. Perhaps that is where we are going wrong in some Churches.
    It does not matter how much we change our Church buildings, modernise our services – it is mor important just to show God’s love just wherever we are, at work, home, in relationships, this those we meet on our travels everyday.
    Thank-you for the article.

  2. Wow , yeah seriously. Maybe we SHOULD talk to LadyGaga, her following is massive. And she turns no one away. Can’t say that for some churches that I’ve seen.

  3. Doesn’t Lady GAGA state very clearly that she hates the truth? According to what you’ve written she is very accepting of many different and diverse people. Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the father but by Him – does she accept Jesus and His words? It seems unlikely if she hates the truth. It also seems very unlikely that she has any idea what true love is. Acceptance is not the same as love.

  4. True love is defined somewhat by rules and boundaries. When we accept all behaviors, this is not true love either. True love accepts people but rejects inappropriate behavior. Lady Gaga clearly rejects the only way, the only truth, and the only life found in Jesus Christ. Hopefully she will feel the same acceptance from Christ as she portrays to others before it is too late. Christ died for us even while we were yet sinners but this amazing grace should lead us toward repentance instead of toward sin. Forgiveness should lead us to a changed heart and a renewed mind through the Holy Spirit.

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