Savages In The Land

This week I just happened to take a look at The American Family Association (AFA) website. I don’t usually  spend too much time there since this “christian” organization tends to spend most of its time condemning the non-believer and scaring uninformed believers concerning the doom and destruction looming large before the family because of such things as Home Depot’s support of gay rights. But this week there was a blog post that so incensed me that I cannot let it go by without comment.

Enter Bryan Fischer, host of the AFA show Focal Point and a regular blogger on the AFA affiliate RIGHTLY CONCERNED. Here is the first sentence of his blog from earlier this week…

“In all the discussions about the European Settlement of the New World, one feature has been conspicuously absent: the role that superstition, savagery, and sexual immorality of Native Americans played in making them morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil.”

Sit back and read that sentence again. The flip side of that is that the White Europeans did not embrace any superstition, savagery, or sexual immorality and therefore were justified in massacring, raping, and displacing Native American men, women, and children all in the name of a (false) gospel.

he then expounds on his racist, hateful diatribe justifying American conquest by comparing the Europeans to the Israelites and the God commanded take over of Canaanite land. He compares the Native Americans to the Canaanites as practicing one abomination after another.

The comparison is clear…the Europeans were better in every respect to the native savages. I have to remind Mr Fischer here of two short passages in the Bible he claims to believe…

“There is none righteous, there is no one that seeks after God”
“If we say we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth is not in us”

That would include, Mr Fischer, the Europeans that descended from the heavens to take what did not belong to them.

if his rant could not get any worse he then proclaims this from his chair of judgement…

 “Many of the tribal reservations today remain mired in poverty and alcoholism because many native Americans continue to cling to the darkness of indigenous superstition instead of coming into the light of Christianity and assimilating in Christian culture.”

Really?!?!?!?!!? So Europeans and modern American culture have nothing to do with the poverty and alcoholism that some Native Americans experience? And do you really think, Bryan, that Native Americans would even consider Christianity when their first experience with it resulted in displacement and death? We, the Christians, are GUILTY of their reluctance because once again the Gospel of Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness and Love has been hijacked first by the Europeans lust for conquest and today by the Right Wing politicos and fundamentalists screeching about how we need to rescue america and return it to its roots of Christianity.

I do not want the type of christianity that you and the AFA espouse. it is an angry, vindictive, evil, false gospel that blends patriotism and religion. It is not the Gospel of Christ.

By the way AFA removed Bryan’s blog from its website. I think that they, and Bryan need to do more. They need to make a public apology to Native Americans for disseminating such a hateful post. You can still find part of what his says on youtube.

5 thoughts on “Savages In The Land

  1. How odd it is that so much of European Christianity has been so violent towards people that do not hold to the same beliefs as theirs Yet Christianity is now screaming in protests about how Islam is so violent. They didn’t have a problem when it was their religion that was causing the violence.

  2. as a native american I would like to add that the original settlers that came here in religious persecution came here and truly showed the the love of christ. they came not to judge, for they knew what it was to have judgement cast on them, they only came to to be free, as we were.
    I would like to add that it was the later settlers that came under the lie of religion to establish commerce and rape, an already peaceful nation of people, of what little resources they had. their acts of good will under a christian flag of truce included bringing disease infested blankets to a country, that as far as e know, was void of. my ancestors did not know alcohol nor that we carried the specific genetic disorder that make us vulnerable to alcoholism.
    Our current state of affairs is in an attempt to bring ourselves out of a position that was imposed upon us by a cunning force from across the great sea. a force that we could only describe as coyote.

    1. It is for the horror and genocide done in the name of Christ that I offer an apology to you. That in and of itself seems too little, too late. I also apologize for the wicked, vile words of Bryan Fischer and the American Family Association that claims to be Christian, thus perpetuating the sterotypes and misconceptions of the Gospel of Grace.

  3. While I found his original post atrocious, I found his explanation of why the post was pulled to be disturbing. He has no concept of redemption in his post. We can look back and call evil, evil. That does not negate all of American history. We have been horrendous to the Native Americans, to the African Americans, and to the Chinese and Irish–all at different levels of abuse. His argument that if we say how this country was started was less than perfect, lead by evil actions and selfish actions, then we have nothing to be proud of, completely leaves out the fact God can redeem anything and bring good from evil.

  4. My great grandmother was a Cherokee. My husband’s step father, a Xian fundamentalist, found that out ten years after I married into the family and as a result, I’m no longer allowed in their house. After all, “you know how Indians are,” I heard him tell someone on the phone. Good thing I know the love of God from a different angle. I wouldn’t be a Christian at all if this was my only witness.

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