God, Guns, and Evasive Politicans


I am appalled at what I have just watched on television. No, it wasn’t nudity, swearing, or sophomoric humor. It was real life, but real life is sometimes more unbelievable than a cheesy B movie script.

 Lawrence O’Donnell, the host of The Last Word, interviewed Conservative,”Christian”, Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona.  And in true fashion of a well seasoned politician, Rep. Trent was evasive. For those of you that choose not to immerse yourself  in the quagmire of politics, Rep. Trent this past week said that he had wished that “…there had been one more gun there that day in the hands of a responsible person. That all I have to say”  He of course is talking about the shooting that took place a little over a week ago in Arizona that took 6 lives and wounded 12 others.  So I guess he would be advocating for a shootout in the parking lot of Safeway?  Anyway, I digress.

The discussion that Mr. O’Donnell was having with Rep. Franks concerned the issue of gun control. This is where the conversation became more heated.  Rep. Franks was asked if it would have made a difference in this tragedy had  the federal law not expired limiting the number bullets in magazine clips. The congressman’s answer was that guns are not the problem, people are the problem. The show host continued to press him to give a straight answer as to what he thought if the shooter had had to stop and reload after ten rounds rather than 31, would not more lives have been saved?  Rep Trent said he would not answer that question because there were too many variables.  O’Donnell was frustrated…and so was I!!!!

Rep. Franks, there were not variables. The gunman was wrestled to the ground WHEN HE STOPPED TO RELOAD. Eighteen people were murdered or injured. If there had been only ten bullets then the number would have been much less. I turned off the television after that interview….angry.

But wait!?!?!?

There are several questions for which I do not have an answer. Rep Franks is a Christian and I cannot get my brain around these contradictions. How can a Christian, who claims to follow the Prince of Peace, advocate for a gun free for all and in fact encourage gun ownership? Aren’t guns a 21st century “sword” (he who live by the sword, will die by the sword)?  Why is it that some followers of Jesus get their choir robes in a bunch when someone suggests limiting gun ammo, or background checks to buy a gun yet foam at the mouth in disgust when a law is passed that is meant to help the poor and marginalized receive adequate health care? Aren’t Christians PRO LIFE?  Guns don’t produce life, they end life.

No wonder the world looks at us believers as hypocrites, we are.

3 thoughts on “God, Guns, and Evasive Politicans

  1. Mark, you are treading on sacred ground. I just was in a heated conversation on another blog about gun control. For some reason, guns and gun control is sacred to right wing conservative Christians so much so one who is for gun control is considered blasphemous. This Christian was arguing that we need guns to protect ourselves. I invited him to read Miroslav Volf, read about Le Chambon France, and talk to Quakers.
    If we are not going to take the words of Christ seriously—love your enemy, turn the other cheek, blessed are peacemakers–we need to get out of Christianity. How can one love your enemy by shooting at them or waving a gun at them?

  2. I know that Gun Control and all that is very controversial — but, I have to say on a very personal level for myself , I really hate guns. They scare me.

    I am fully aware that constitutionally we have the Right to Bear arms, etc etc.
    I just hate guns.

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