It didn’t take long in the new year for someone to frustrate me with their toxic mix of religion and politics. 

Case in point.  At yesterday’s “Constitutional Reading” during the swearing-in ceremonies, a “birther” (someone who doesn’t believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States, yells out “Except Obama, except Obama!” as Article 2 section 1 is read outlining the requirements of a presidential office holder.

Hummm…ignorant and uninformed comes to mind when someone spouts crap that flies in the face of FACT.  But then again, believing facts is not a strong point of Birthers, Tea Partiers, and their ilk. But it gets worse.

She then says “Help us Jesus!”

Excuse me, but what the hell does Jesus have to do with her crass display of stupidity. Why did she have to bring His name into it? Why do so many of these ignorant individuals believe that by invoking the Name of the Son of God, it somehow lends credence to their moronic misinformation.

Not only that but what these bumbling buffoons don’t realize is the they are misrepresenting the Character of the One they claim to love.  Would Jesus stand up in the gallery and shout something like that? I think the answer is obvious.

Finally, for those of you particularly incensed by the President, Democrats, liberals, and progressives, feel free to rant, rave, foam at the mouth, and gnash your teeth all you want just leave God and Jesus out of it. He is not impressed.

5 thoughts on ““…HELP US JESUS!”

  1. let us not forget, that if we as christians believe in an open system in which God is still in control, then it was predestined that Obama was going to be president. Thus it is already in the hands of our God and he is the one that put him there. God has helped us enough, our cries should be for our president not against him, not against him. Oddly enough if you are against our president then you are questioning Gods ability to govern his own creation. so so let me join in and say “MORONS”

  2. I hope Jesus answers her prayer…..help us……she might be surprised exactly how Jesus answers that request….

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