What’s Grace Got To Do With It?

After what has seemed to be a lengthy absence I am back. I have had a bit of time for more soul-searching, and re-examination of motives and now I am ready to once again move forward with my thoughts.  I know I am moody, introspective, and well just plan crazy!

Over the past several months I have brought up on my blog many hot button issues present in the Church today. Many of these issues have been self-imposed and over the years became part of the fabric/tradition of what is commonly called “Evangelicalism.”  I tend to be of the opinion that what most Americans/Canadians  perceive as Christianity today is really no more than a conglomerate of deeply held personal beliefs that have nothing to do with the Gospel. Unfortunately, my “calling” as it were, to shine the spotlight on these misperceptions has been viewed as an attack on the church, the Body of Christ. this view, that I hate the church , only exemplifies, the very fact of how muddied the Gospel message has become.

I think that in the next few blogs I am going to try to bring some clarity to the questions…

“What is the Gospel?”

“What does it mean to the one who ends up believing?”

“How does understanding the Gospel of grace affect my relationship with the people in the church and in the world?”

Peace, grace and love to all who have kept up with my ranting!

3 thoughts on “What’s Grace Got To Do With It?

  1. I have just finished reading all your blogs from the beginning I believe and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for speaking in the voice of the prophet. Thank you for calling us to a higher calling. Thank you for putting our focus back on Christ. Thank you for your deep inner longings to become the real church of Christ. Thank you for a passionate heart. Thank you for bearing the mocking and ridicule that a true prophet bears. And most of all I thank jesus for you. All day today as I have gotten up to do the necessary functions fo the day, housework, shopping, etc…I have thought long and hard of all you wrote.
    I fall on the floor and ask God to forgive me for my shallow pride and self-indulgence. I don’t want to live my life without God at the very center of it.
    Be of good cheer and follow what you know God is laying on your heart. There is nothing wrong in questioning our existence, the why are we here, the how far have we stepped away from the true meaning of being a Christian!!!
    Persevere, stand for the truth no matter what obstacles are put in your path. Keep pressing in to the Father’s warm embrace.
    To sit at the Master’s feet and hear what the Spirit of the Lord would say to the church, to us as individuals.
    I am so glad you posted this blog link. I have long wondered why do I think the things I do and I now see I am not alone!!! I am not alone!!!! Thank you Jesus!!

    1. Thank you Lynn for your wonderfully kind comments. Thank you too for sharing part of your life and struggles. I hope that you find a church that you can call home. A place of honesty, transparency, and grace. Continue to hold onto Jesus, or rather continue to rest in the fact that He holds you for all eternity. His love for us never changes, no matter how many times we blow it, He will picks us back up and tell us to keep moving. You are His beloved child. You are not alone in the church either, there many like us. If you know others who struggle send them here so that they too can know of God’s amazing, all encompassing, never fading grace, love and forgiveness toward them too. Peace and grace to you my sister!

  2. I just want to say Amen to everything Lynn wrote, I could never say it so well, but thank God and thank you Mark, for your courage and the grace of God that flows through you! Knowing that there are others out there, who feel and think the same way you do is such a relief!

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