day 118

It has taken me a few attempts to try to figure out how to say what i want to say here. i am not sure whether or not it will be understood and i am just trying to be sensitive (ok…not really), but i have had a time organizing my thoughts on this topic.

i mentioned in my last post that i would reveal what i think is one of the greatest fears in the church. that fear is not having an answer to a spiritual question. so many of the words parroted by the faithful are words passed on from seasoned christian to newbie christian and are never questioned.  here are a few…

the bible is inerrant and does not contain any contradictions.
christians are required to tithe.
God created the world in six days
there will be 7 years of tribulation and then Jesus comes back.
the rapture happens before the tribulation.
sanctification depends on you.
you must have daily times of devotions.
the bible says that God will give the believer everything he asks for and more if he/she gives to christian television.

Now what if the newbie christian finds out that…

the bible actually presents two creation stories.
there seems to be many contradictions.
God does not need our money to have a ministry run effectively
there are many christians that think that the Tim Lahaye end time construct is a bunch of crap.
as hard as the newbie tries he cannot overcome some sin in his life and continued sanctification seems impossible.
devotions are not a magic charm to give you a good day.
God does not seem impressed with our television ministry giving and the seed money we gave to benny hinn hasn’t brought healing or a fat bank account.

So then the newbie asks questions, many questions. They are then criticized for doubting or not having enough faith. they are ignored by the religiously “mature” and labeled liberals or worse heretics.

they leave the church and the church says  “thank God He has judged this reprobate.”

Once again the church would rather live in ignorance and superficiality rather than in openness and transparency allowing for doubt and questions, which truly help the believer to grow.

Questions and doubt are not the sin here…the spiritual pride that comes from the, “God said it, i believe, that’s enough for me!”, crowd is the sin that has turned many away from the One who is the Answer.

We need to repent!

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