Day 115 or there about…

so yes, it has been a while since i visited to update…and a lot has transpired in that time. a lot!  i am not sure where to go here. there are a couple of things that i want to talk about but they are both rattling around in my head at the same time. let me start with my pet peeve of the season the move on to the great fear of the church.

American Family Association and Focus on the Family among other Christian organizations in America  have a campaign. that campaign is not to rescue men, women and children from being forced into slavery, it is not a campaign to help the over one billion illiterate people  living on the planet to learn to read and write. It is not even a campaign to raise money to help build wells for the millions upon millions that do not have safe drinking water. It is a campaign that is much more noble than that…a campaign that will change the hearts of millions of American pagans! What is this noble and pristine cause for which millions of dollars is raised?

To make sure that  from your neighborhood  shop owner to the great mall temples to the god consumerism, sales associates and advertisers wish each and every consumer a Merry Christmas!

Yes, you have read correctly, this is the great mission of the Christian, this and every December. The reason is that “Jesus is the reason for the season”. So Jesus is the reason people who can barely get by spend billions of dollars, charge it and go into greater debt? Jesus is the reason we decorate our houses with evergreen trees, wreaths, holly, yule logs, garland and a multitude of other symbols that have their origins in pagan religions? Jesus is the reason we celebrate His birth near or on the great pagan holiday of winter solstice?  

Did anyone one ask Jesus what He thinks?

So if an employee says Merry Christmas to you after you purchase that shirt sown together by an 11-year-old boy living in abject poverty and forced to work 18 hours a day so that he can take home the equivalent of 20 cents a day, that is ok?  Ask Jesus if He is happy about that?

Ask Jesus if He is happy about the  Gap advertisement that says Merry Christmas, while every day 25,000 children die around the world, mostly from things that can be prevented. in just the “12 days of christmas” 300, 000 children will die.

Ask Jesus if He is pleased with what we as christians think is the most important thing we can do for Him this Holi….or sorry, I mean Christmas season. But you may have to wait until He is done weeping. Weeping over what Christians have done to trivalize Him and the true gospel message.

well this went on for longer than i anticipated. i will be back tomorrow and discuss what the great fear of the church is and how you can be someone who helps spread that fear.

5 thoughts on “Day 115 or there about…

  1. Merry Christmas! Mark…we need to find a time to spend this great holiday together. Text or call me if I don’t get to you before…

  2. Well spoken….I get so annoyed when I hear about Christians being upset that retailers are not saying Merry Christmas. It is not their holiday, it is ours! Who cares if they say Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday? Thanks Mark for your blog.

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