the 49th day

i have realized that some of what i am questioning and sharing could lead to my being asked to resign for my position of elder in my church. i thought about that today. At first i thought that maybe i need to pull back and not be so vocal. Maybe couch my words in a soothing tone.

But i cannot. Too many in the church and so many outside the church do not understand the essence of the Gospel because we as Christians for the last 30 or so years have done a fabulous job of turning the truth into something other than what it was meant to be. We have confused the idea of God so much that to stand against this present tradition of Evangelicalism is to be considered heretical.

Take politics for example. So many believers foam at the mouth when it comes to government intrusion into the church walls and church schools and families lives YET those same people rant and rave when it comes the government NOT making laws against abortion or gay marriage which are also personal issues. These people want to ban this, boycott that, and try and infuse Christian ideology into a clearly secular culture. They will lie and exaggerate the truth to try and get a “Christian” law passed, and then cry that they are being persecuted when someone slaps their hand and says no. 

So here is a newsflash…..America IS NOT a Christian nation and there is NO WHERE in the Bible where Christians are called to “save America”. In the process of trying to save America do these people realize that they are completely altering the message of Christ and morphing it into “another gospel”. Are we so blind that we cannot see that?

I recently finished a book by the author Max Blumenthal, “Republican Gomorrah”, and i have to say that it was an amazing book. Not only did he expose the behind the scenes work of James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, et al., his writing has shown me how people not under the Christian banner see Christians. i was completely blown away.

We need to stop! Stop trying to make culture fit our narrow worldview, stop condemning those outside the church, stop blithering about how the USA is going to hell in a handbasket because prayer and bible reading have been taken out of school 40 years ago. Stop standing against a hate crimes bill that seeks to protect people, stop standing against a change in health care that will help millions…..stop shouting, judging, complaining, whining, suing, bellowing half-truths, STOP! STOP!! STOP!!!

This is not the Gospel….wake up! We have taken our eyes off the cross, off unconditional love, off grace, off forgiveness and have become for all intents and purposes a small, political, angry, special interest group. We are failing in the mission and we don’t seem to care.

Is this what Christianity has become? Do I want any part of it? Does it make me want to vomit?

9 thoughts on “the 49th day

  1. Wow. Couldn’t have said it better myself. As I am a secularist, you probably aren’t too enthused about receiving my praise, but I have to say it is very refreshing to hear a religious person taking a firm stand like this. I butt out of your private affairs and you butt out of mine–that’s what living together in a pluralistic society is all about.

    1. Actually, I want to thank you for your comment…dialogue is key to understanding, and co-existing with respect for each other. Peace to you!

  2. but if we make Christianity over into the image of America while simultaneously Christianizing America–we will be a lot more comfortable.
    Why is Christianity dying in America–cuz we don’t offer the Kingdom of God, we offer a cleaned up version of America with Jesus slapped on it.
    God have mercy on his church.

  3. There are lots of churches that are different. I rarely ever tell a person to leave their congregation, but if you think they are preaching “another gospel,” if they are making you sick, if they are a “they” instead of a “we,” then maybe it is time to go.

  4. As a Christian I can not endorse a coercive government, whether it be Christian or secular, I endorse pluralism, not because pluralism is the highest ideal, but because God’s Kingdom is entered into voluntarily, not by force! I accept the limitations of a democratic government, while not perfect, it seems to be the best we can come up with. I do oppose any and all religious repression! Not just Christian, all of it, big or small!

  5. Oh, and don’t forget the pro-life crowd who do all sorts of anti-life things (e.g., gun rights, fight health care, pro-death penalty, you get the picture). Those people tend to be of the extreme fundamentalist bent.

    If life is sacred, it should be sacred in all forms and life should not be unpleasant.

    The real truth is that religion is used as a wedge issue, which is a truly sick use of religion.

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