God…Are You There?

Did you ever think that way?
Do you have questions as a Christian  you are afraid to ask because of what other Christians might think of you? 
Does it make you a bad Christian to question?

Recently, I was having this very conversation with a very good friend of mine. It appeared to us that there are many people in the church that have questions but they were not comfortable in expressing them. Both of us admitted to each other that we have questions that at times  push us to the edge of abandoning Christianity all together.  Is that a shocking statement to you?  Can you honestly say that you have never, ever thought that what we believe is nothing more than a good story?

There are many things going on the world that have no easy answers. There are those in the church that feel they need to have an answer for everything, will say that it is sin, or satan that causes so much evil, and suffering and pain. you ever think where is God in this, especially when children suffer and die horrible deaths.

Look at what goes on in the church….the words of gossip or rejection that murder fellow believers, the legalistic attitudes that hold back the freedom that overflows from the endless grace of God through Christ. Why would God allow this most precious gift to be  held captive and distorted by so many.

What about the silence that most believers encounter when they pray? Does He not hear? Does He not care?

I have so many questions, but the one that comes to mind so often is this, “What if all that I have believed over these last 25 years is not true?”

Some would say, “Why don’t you just give it all up?” It would put an end to the questions, I will admit. But I can’t. There is something within me, something apart from me that will not let me. That something I believe is the Holy Spirit. It is He that testifies to the truth of God and reality of the Gospel. There is so much about God and His ways that we will never understand. There are things that seem senseless to us here, but to Him they are clear.

So because His ways are beyond understanding we  need to have faith in His wisdom, and ask the questions. Don’t be afraid, He will not get angry with you, His anger was satisfied at the cross.  

One thought on “God…Are You There?

  1. For 23 years I’ve had a “love-hate” relationship with God, He’s been loving me, and I’ve been hating the way He runs the universe! Why he doesn’t run things like I would, or at least consult me on a few more things, I’ll never know! I know I can’t win a fight with Him, I’ve read the book of Job, I get it already!!! Someone once said “God would have more friends in this world if He treated the friends he already has a little better.” I find truth in that! Two things I know, God in His grace won’t let go of me, and neither will the questions, the doubts and fear! I don’t know if its weak faith, no faith, false faith, mental illness, or bad theology, maybe some combination of all the above. I just cannot stand the same simple answers, and cliches that I’ve heard over and over in church services, when did pastors become “spin doctors” or worse politicians? This past week a the pastor at my church said ” Scripture never contradicts Scripture”, I’ve heard that over and over, hell, I’ve said it over and over, when I’ve led Bible study groups. That’s one of the first things they teach you in Bible college. If you’re intellectually honest, you know that’s not true. There is something else I’ve come to know, there was only one expert in Christ like living, Jesus Christ! Everyone else is stumbling along with just enough light for one more step. That includes pastors, Sunday school teachers, christian authors, worship leaders, and all the rest of us common folk! If you’re hanging around some christian who always has his/her act together, has all the answers to life’s problems, and strikes you as some kind of “supersaint”, run! They are deceived or trying to deceive you. God has been more than kind to me, He has blessed me over and over again! I’m grateful, truly I am! I know He doesn’t owe me anything, especially explanations on world affairs. I know that in my head, but that doesn’t stop my heart from asking questions. Thanks again Mark, for being there for me! Here’s to relying on nothing but overwhelming, delicious grace, if the Bible is wrong on that, I’m doomed!!!

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