Sad State

dead-treeThe other day someone shared with me that they are not comfortable sharing personal and family struggles with those in the church. I asked her why and she stated that she was afraid of being judged and condemned.   She is probably right.

When was the last time in your church someone stood up or spoke out in a “prayer meeting” that they struggle with a alcohol or drug addiction, confessed that they were pregnant, or had an abortion, or was stricken with HIV? When did you last hear in your small group that someone battles daily with pornography, lust, masterbation? When did someone come to your church admitting that they were gay/lesbian?

Most people would never think of admitting to any of these things in a church setting. Most people would fear rejection, anger, judgement and condemnation. And for the most part they are probably right.

When did the church take this turn?  When did the gospel stop being the Good News and  begin to be poison to those need it most?  And who is to blame for this?

We are! We have forgotten that,  had it not been for the cross we would still be enemies of God. We hold within ourselves and our good works no claim to righteousness. We cannot ever be good enough to make God happy. More importantly we still sin every single day. We can only rely on Jesus and His Holiness and righteousness to even come to God in prayer. BUT……

We look down on the “sinner” with distain and scorn, we judge according to our self imposed standards the worth and importance of another person. We expect them to shape up and do right when in fact we cannot do right. Why do you think it is such a scandal in the world when a big name preacher falls?  It is because it reeks of hypocricy.

If we were just honest with ourselves and with others.

Unfortunately that may mean that we have to admit that we are no better than the sinner on the street.

Mark Lee

3 thoughts on “Sad State

  1. In my opinion, the reason the church is failing at making true disciples and failing to speak to the society is because we don’t allow for authentic people. We live out a false self–a false holiness. If we are not honest about our struggles, we will never find our true identity in Christ because we will trust this false identity we have created.

  2. Not only would we have to admit we’re no better than the sinner on the street, we would have to admit that sometimes we’re much worse!

  3. Yes, many times Christians are worse than the pagan. The pagan ( and I use this term in the most loving form) at least is honest about him/herself and does not add hypocricy to their sin.

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