Can the Church Be the Church?

uganda-poor-church  I have a suspicion that when most people think of church they think of a building or they think of a denomination.  If this is how you think, then what is the role of church?

To some it may be choirs, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Sunday morning and evening services, small group studies and multitudes of other programs to feed and grow the “sheep”.

To others it is tradition, hymns,  prayers, suits and dresses, organ music, homilies and liturgy, priests or pastors, expositors  of the Word of God to the faithful.

Still  others see church as the bastion of truth, existing to protect the holiness and purity of those within it’s walls by condemning and castigating the sinners without. Hence the need to develop a “Christian subculture” to insulate from the real world.

I don’t think this is God’s idea of church.

If  Christ is the Head of the Church as is stated in Scripture, you would think that the church would look a a lot different. Jesus reached out to the marginalized, the weak, the broken, the sick, the poor. He spent time with drunkards, gluttons, divorcees, and prostitutes. He healed them, listened to them, touched them and they understand that He loved them.

Sadly, there are not too many people outside the barbed wired walls of the church that would ever accuse us of loving too much.

When will church follow the example of  her Head, Jesus, and follow His example?

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