Why “not so good”?

Why do I say that I am a “not so good” Christian?

Simply, because I am not!

I sin… I fall… I am weak… I am unable to live up to the holy standard of my Heavenly Father.

What is worse is the fact that there are those out there in “churchland” that demand that I strive and struggle to live up to that very standard, because apparently they have achieved it, thus so can I.

I can’t.

Therefore according to the “churchies” of today I am a not so good christian. I agree.

But that is the reason for Jesus. He is all that I am not and He is all that I can never be.

God is my Father because of Him.
I am righteous because of Him.
I am accepted as God’s adopted son because of Him.

So therefore I am not good, but He is. I am eternally loved, and God is no longer angry with me……… ever!

Because of Him.

Peace and Grace,
Mark Lee

2 thoughts on “Why “not so good”?

  1. luckily for us Mark, Jesus does not view us as “not so good” but rather his perfect creation…right?

  2. I absolutely agree with that! in the eyes of God we are perfect in Jesus. Unfortunately, thier are multitudes of Christians in churches today that feel it is not enough to be accepted in the Beloved and feel that it is very important to judge others not according to the standard of God, which was fulfilled in Christ but by human standard. Thus, they are “not so good” according to others.

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